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DNRE, Oct. 1976

The Guajataca Forest consists of mogote hills on the north coast moist Limestones of Puerto Rico. The area of the forest is 2,357 cuerdas with an elevation ranging from 150 to 300 meters above sea level. The entire forest lie in municipality of Isabella.

There are no climactic stations within the Guajataca forest, however, records were reviewed for areas near the forest and representative data summarized.

Mean monthly rainfall ranges from a low 3.00 inches in February to a high of 9.5 inches during May with an annual total of 75.8 inches. January, February and March constitute the dry season. Mean monthly temperature varies from 73.9 degrees F during January and February to 79.2 during July, with an annual average of 76.8 degrees F.

Two vegetation associations derived from limestone soils have been mapped in this sub-tropical moist forest. THese associations are characteristic of the hillsides and tops of the limestone or haystack hills which are oriented northeast to southwest. Porous limestone soils with excessive drainage creates a xeric environment on the tops of the haystack hills; however, the protected areas between the hills are more humid. The most common tree species in the moist limestone forest include: úcar (Bucida buceras), almacigo (Bursera simaruba) and uvilla (Coccoloba diversifolia). A large portion of the Guajataca forest has been previously cultivated or disturbed and is now planted to kadam, maria and mahoe.

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