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Academic Position: Associate Professor   
Education: Ph.D.- University of Wisconsin Madison, 2000  
University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez Campus
Biology Department
Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 00681-9012
Tel.- 787-832-4040      ext. 2874
Fax- 787-834-3673
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Curriculum Vitae
Special Seminars
Biol 3051- General Biology
Biol 3770- Microbiology
Biol 4901-2- Special    Problems
Biol 4367- Industrial   Microbiology    
Biol 4368- Microbial   Physiology
Biol 5758- Bacterial Genetics
Biol 5759- Bacterial Genetic Lab.
Biol 6993- Prokaryotic Molecular Genetics and Gene Regulation 
Biol 6690- Graduate Seminar
Edpe 4137- Student Teaching of Biology in Secondary School
Biol 6994- Biology and Technology of Plasmids
Biol 6997- Biology and Technology of Plasmids Lab.

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Research Interest

Our research laboratory is focus on Microbial biotechnology and bioprospecting.  In order to isolate, characterize and manipulate microbes with biotechnological potential,  we specially use microbiology, molecular biology, and biochemical approaches.  We are also involved in generating metagenomic libraries from tropical habitats, searching for novel microbial groups and enzymatic activities of medical and industrial applications. 

The lab expertise range from the used of genetic engineering tools for DNA isolation, manipulation, and analysis, to the used of functional proteomics technologies such as phage display for the development of bioindicators.  The majority of the research projects in our lab will generate nucleic acids of some sort (genes), and metabolites that will require the in silico analysis, and could be seen as a collaborative source for potential partners such as bioinformatician, combinatorial chemistry, and drug design experts, and in research areas in molecular pharmacology, and toxicology.

We are also currently involved in a collaborative research with the Engineering Department in Campus in a project involving systems biology.  




Michelle J. Rivera-Rivera

Keila Y. Flores-Burgos

María F. Rojas Durán

Ricardo D. Burgos-Muñiz

Juan A. Vega-Sepúlveda

Josué Malavé-Orengo

Special Problem




This Journey Has Come To An End...And So It Begins...Masters in Sciences

Giovanni J. López Alberto J. González-Negrón  
Thesis - Collybia sensu lato Thesis - Taxonomy of Hemidactylus