UPRM PREM Team Gets $5M for New Nanotechnology Center

The University of Puerto Rico - Maygüez Campus was recently awarded $5 millions by the National Science Foundation to be used towards the establishment of a nanotechnology center focused on research and education of biomedical and energy-system driven systems and applications (NCBEDSA). It's a five-year project, starting on September 1st, led by doctors Carlos Rinaldi, Arturo Hernández, Oscar Perales, Jeannette Santos and O. Marcelo Suárez (PI).

Doctors leading the NCBEDSA project

From left to right: Drs. Arturo Hernández, O. Marcelo Suárez, Jeannette Santos, Oscar Perales and Carlos Rinaldi

The purpose of the the nanotechnology center is to seek to "secure national competitiveness of our institution in the areas of materials engineering research and nanotechnology." The NCBEDSA was structured into four interdisciplinary research groups (IRGs) and an interdisciplinary education group (IEG) following the successful MRSEC's model in order to achieve this goal.

The groups are as follows:

IRG1: Multifunctional nanoparticles for magnetically actuated siRNA delivery
IRG2: Quantum dot systems for cancer therapy
IRG3: Nanoporous materials for separations and catalysis
IRG4 nanoengineered composite materials for energy efficient devices and applications

Full details can be found here.

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