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Serena Anderlini is an activist scholar who studies practices of love, and a participant observer in the communities where these practices manifest.  


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Studies the ecology of love.  Works at intersection of sciences, humanities, and the visual arts.  Charted new fields including ecosexuality and the arts of loving sustainably and inclusively.  Applies Gaia systems theory to the study of the humanities, arts, cinema, and other practices love.  Focuses on “sexual fluidity,” “amorous inclusiveness,” "ecosexuality," and “erotophilia” or love for love.  Expands queer theory to include bisexuality, polyamory, and the healing arts.  Integrates digital humanities and social media to teaching and research.


(Book Awards:)
Finalist in Lambda Literary Awards: Eros, 2007, and Bisexuality and Queer Theory, 2011.
Winner in Nautilus Book Awards: Gaia, 2010.

(Research Awards:)
2012-13: Research Fellowship · University of Connecticut Humanities Institute – “Amorous Visions: Fluid Sexual Moments in Italian Cinema”
2004, 2002, 2001: Seed Money Grants, College of Arts and Sciences, UPRM
2000: Reconocimiento de Excelencia por el Presidente del Sistema UPR
1999: Research Fellowship-  Harry Ransom Humanities Research center - University of Texas at Austin – June-July – “The Lillian Hellman’s Papers”

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2010.  Bisexuality and Queer Theory: Intersections, Connections, and Challenges.  A volume about what David Halperin calls “a crisis in sexual definition.” Edited with Jonathan Alexander.  New York: Routledge. (Lambda finalist 2011.)

2009. Gaia and the New Politics of LoveA founding text in of ecosexual theory, claiming love as the ecology of life and proposing a cultural interpretation of love as the art of embracing all of life as an equal partner. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books.  (Nautilus Winner in Cosmology and New Science, 2010.)

2006. Eros: A Journey of Multiple Loves.  A life-writing narrative. Finalist at the 2007 Lambda Awards.  New York: Routledge. (Lambda finalist 2007.) 

2005. A Lake for the Heart/Il lago del cuore.  A collection of lyrical poems by Luigi Anderlini, bilingual edition.  Stony Brook, N.Y.: Gradiva.  Translation and Introduction.  Preface by Alberto Asor Rosa.  Presented at the Italian Embassy, Washington, DC, on October 25.

1998.  The ‘Weak’ Subject: On Modernity, Eros and Women’s Playwriting.  New York: Associated University Presses, 1998.  352p. Translated into Italian by Federica Zampini as Due in una: soggettività ed erotismo nel teatro femminile del novecento.  Rome: ManifestoLibri, 2004. 

1995. Adriana Cavarero.  In Spite of Plato: A Feminist Rereading of Ancient Philosophy.  Cambridge, UK: Polity Press.  Translated from Nonostante Platone.  Rome: Editori Riuniti, 1990.  135p.  In collaboration with Áine O’Healy.

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(Academic Journals) 

Anderlini is a board member and peer-reviewer for four academic journals. 

2011. BiTopia: Selected Proceedings from BiReCon 2010.  A collection of multidisciplinary research studies on bisexuality and bisexual cultures.  Journal of Bisexuality: 11: 2-3.  New York: Routledge.  Guest Editor. 

2005. Plural Loves: Designs for Bi and Poly Living.  New York: Routledge.  Also as The Journal of Bisexuality: 4: 4 (February).  Guest Editor.

2003. Women and Bisexuality: A Global Perspective.  New York: Routledge.  Also as The Journal of Bisexuality: 3: 1 (June).  Guest Editor.

2012. “Bisexual Epistemologies: A Journey from Nausea to Commitment.”  In 10 Year Anniversary of Journal of Bisexuality:  11: 4: 465-479.

2011. “Bi ReConNaissance: An Introduction to BiTopia.”  In BiTopia: 146-156.  The Journal of Bisexuality:  11: 2-3.

2010.  “Bisexuality, Gaia, Eros: Portals to the Arts of Loving.”  In BiTopia: Proceedings from BiReCon 2010.  A conference proceedings issue of The Journal of Bisexuality: 11: 2-3 (April-September): 176-194.

2009.  “Plural Happiness: Bi and Poly Triangulations in Balasko’s French Twist.”  In Bisexuality and Queer Theory, a special topics issue of The Journal of Bisexuality: 9: 4 (July-December): 343-362.

2007.  “Memory, Outness, and Trauma: Queer Remembering, Loving, and Healing.”  In ¿Del otro la’o?: Perspectivas sobre sexualidades diversas: 29-36.  Isabel Ríos-Torres ed.  The University of Puerto Rico Press.

2007.  “Utopias, Metabolized: Queer Communism and Zionism in Clara Sereni’s Testimonial Narratives.”  Contemporary Jewish Writers in Italy: A Generational Approach.  Raniero Speelman and Monica Jansen eds.  University of Utrecht, NL.

2006.  “Ecocentric Movies: Sustainable Bisexualities in Turn-of-the-Millennium Cinema.”  Traces: Translation, Biopolitics, Colonial Difference.  Hong Kong University Press.  Sakai, Naoki and Jon Solomon eds.  275-294.

2006. “The Politics of Love and the Future of the Globe: Orientations in Perverse Ecologies.”  Selected proceedings, Inter-disciplinary Net Conference on Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship, Oxford University, July 2006.

2006.  “A City in the Forest:  Gaia in the Post-modern Contact Zones of Auroville’s Wider Intentional Community in Tamil Nadu, India.”  In Utopia Matters, a special topics volume of Spaces of Utopia: 1 (Spring).  Facultad de Letras, Universidad do Porto.  http://ler.letras.up.pt/site_uk/default.aspx?qry=id05id174id246&sum=sim

2005.  “Holistic (Dis)Organizations: Gaia at Alcatraz, Italy.”  Rhizomes: 10 (Spring) http://www.rhizomes.net/issue10/index.html.  Also in Utopia Matters: Theory, Politics, Literature and the Arts.  Vieira, Fatima and Marinela Freitas eds.  Editora da Universidad de Porto.

2004. “Spiritual Metabolisms:  Women’s Bodies and Testimonial Writing in Italian American Women’s Memoirs.”  VIA: Voices in Italian Americana: 15: 1 (Spring): 1-12.

2004.  “Il lieto fine e la triangolarità del desiderio.”  In Movimenti di felicità, storie, strutture e figure del desiderio.  Donatella Alesi and Laura Fortini eds.  Rome: ManifestoLibri.

2004.  “Bisexual Games and Emotional Sustainability in Ferzan Ozpetek’s Queer Films.”  New Cinemas: Journal of Contemporary Film: 2: 3 (2004): 163-174.  Reprinted in Journal of Bisexuality: 6: 4 (2007): 121-134.

2004.  “Of the Virus Party”: Ecofeminist Perspectives on Dissent in AIDS Science.” Nebula: 1: 1 (June). http://www.nobleworld.biz/pages/1/index.htm

2004. “The Gaia Hypothesis and Ecofeminism:  Culture, Reason, and Symbiosis.”  Pangaea, a special-topics issue of DisClosure: A Journal of Social Theory: 13: 64-93.

2003. “Bitches, Witches, and Sluts: Narratives of Feminist Empowerment in Caribbean Italian Studies.”  Women and Language, special issue on The Globalization of Feminism: 26: 1 (Spring 2003): 44-51.

2003.  “The Lie with the Ounce of Truth: Lillian Hellman’s Bisexual Fantasies.”   In Women and Bisexuality: A Global Perspective: 87-116.  Binghamton, N.Y.: The Haworth Press.

2002.  “A Classic of Situatedness: The Second Sex and its Feminist Effects.”  Atenea XXII: 1-2 (June): 65-77.

2002. “Grammars of Touch: Physical, Spiritual, and Erotic Bodies in Massage Therapy.”  Consciousness, Literature, and the Arts 3: 1 (April): 16 pages.  http://www.aber.ac.uk/~drawww/journal/index.html

2000.  “Feminism and the 'Absurd': The Plays of Natalia Ginzburg.”  In Natalia Ginzburg: A Voice of the Twentieth Century.  Angela Jeannet and Giuliana Sanguinetti-Katz eds.  University of Toronto Press.  198-225.

1999.  “For Mothers, Daughters and Modernity:  Narrative Embodiments and Transformations in Italian Americana.”  Italian Culture: 17: 1: 175-202.

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1997. “Neither ‘War Bride’ Nor ‘White Widow’: The Discursive Construction of Italian Women in America.”  VIA, Voices in Italian Americana: 8 (Spring): 1: 11-32.  Republished in Women’s Studies International Forum: 21: 4 (1998): 363-374.

1994. “I Don’t Know What You Mean by ‘Italian Feminist Thought.’  Is Anything Like that Possible?”  In Giovanna Miceli Jeffries ed.  Feminine Feminists: Cultural Practices in Italy.  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. (209-232.)

1992.  “The ‘Second Book’ of the Poetics and the ‘Tragic Hero’: A Deconstruction of the Male Homoerotic Complicity of Occidental Drama.”  Semiotics 1990.  New York: Univ. Press of America.  79-89.

1990. “Franca Rame donna e attrice.”  Il Ponte: 65: 6: 99-110.

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1990. “‘colored girls’: A Reaction to Black Machismo, or Hues of Erotic Tension in New Feminist Solidarity?”  The Journal of American Drama and Theatre: 2: 2: 33-54.

1989. “Self-Representation in Performance Art: The City/Text of the Female/Black Subject.” Rivista di Studi Anglo-Americani: 6: 8:  201-11.

1986. “‘The Advertisement’: New-Feminist Re-readings and Old-fashioned Triangles in the Dramaturgy of Natalia Ginzburg.”  Carte Italiane: 8: 1-13.

1985.  “Franca Rame: Her Life and Works.”  Theater: 17: 1: 32-39. 

Professional Affiliations:

Modern Language Association
American Association for Italian Studies


Society for Literature and Science
Utopian Studies Society
European Association for American Studies

Keynote Lectures:

Ecosexuality Simposia: 2010 (Los Angeles), 2011 (San Francisco), 2012 (Portland, OR) (Keynote Video)
World Polyamory Association, Annual Meeting: 2008
Loving More, Annual Retreat: 2007



English, Italian, French, Spanish: used daily, competently, and fluently

Anderlini has taught as several universities in various regions and disciplines, and at all levels; she has served on Graduate Program Committees and in MLA Delegate Assemby.