Jorge E. Corredor, PhD


Jorge E. Corredor, PhD    (Curriculum Vitae)

Professor: Chemical of Oceanography

PhD - University of Miami, 1978.


Department of Marine Sciences 
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus
PO Box 9000
Mayagüez, PR 00681-9000 

Tel. (787) 899-2048 ext. 244, 253
Fax (787) 899-3838; 899-5500
Email: jorge.corredor@upr.edu
Office: Magueyes Marine Laboratories



  • Ocean Observing: With funding from NOAA, UPRM and other agencies, we are developing the Caribbean Integrated Coastal Ocean Observing System - CarICOOS; a combination of in situ ocean observing assets and numerical models directed towards providing operational ocean data to the marine community.
  • CaTS: We maintain a monthly time series at a station denoted Caribbean Time Series (CaTS) at 17o 38' N 67o 00’ W, approximately 26 nautical miles off the southwestern coast of Puerto Rico.  CaTS provides an observing station for researchers interested in the assessment of the magnitude and periodicity of basin-scale phenomena affecting the optics and biogeochemistry of regional waters. Our research has focused on the characterization and understanding of seasonal and inter-annual variability of near-surface seawater features in the NE Caribbean Basin as affected by seasonal riverine intrusions, by eddies and other mesoscale forcing and by anthropogenicaly driven climate change.  Our long-term goal is to characterize the expression and modulation of processes related to biological productivity, plankton community composition and carbon sequestration capacity of these waters.
  • Microbial Ecology and Genomics - Active Microbes in the Coastal Ocean: Biogeochemical techniques are being used to determine rates of microbial activity in terms of carbon and nitrogen fixation. Gene amplification techniques are then used to determine which components of the microbial communities are actively involved in the carbon and nitrogen cycles.
  • Carbon cycling in coral reefs: We collaborate actively with the NOAA CREWS-ICON initiative for coral reef monitoring. Together with colleagues from U. of Montana and U. of Miami – RSMAS, we are carrying out long-term deployments of autonomous pH and PCO2 measuring instruments.






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