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Financial Aid

There are a number of different types of financial assistance available to graduate students in the Department of Marine Science. Most students receive assistance in one form or another.

  1. Many students receive financial aid from Research Assistantships, which are awarded by individual faculty members who have research grants and who need assistance to meet the objectives of their research. These assistantships are generally awarded to students who have been active for one or more years. Since the awarding of research funds to faculty members by various agencies is independent of the academic calendar, it is generally not possible to promise research assistantships in advance to incoming students.
  2. Teaching Assistantships are available, but limited. They are awarded on a semester-to-semester basis. Teaching assistants are generally selected by their knowledge in certain disciplines that enable them to teach basic courses or laboratories within the science departments of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geology).
  3. AGEP Doctoral Fellowships are available competitively to qualified doctoral candidates. Doctoral students are not considered for these awards until attaining candidacy to the degree. Applications are available from the Graduate School.
  4. Occasionally we receive a small number of New Student Graduate Assistantships from the University. Your application to the Department (stamped by or before February 15) constitutes an application for one of these awards. If available, these awards are for one year (two semesters) and are assigned by a committee made up of members of the Department of Marine Sciences Graduate Policy Committee.
  5. DMS Graduate Student Assistantship: These assistantships are generally awarded to students who have been active for one or more years.

For additional information please contact individual DMS faculty members or the director of the department. 

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