Jeffrey Herlihy-Mera

Jeffrey Herlihy-Mera bio: An author, critic, poet and professor, Jeffrey Herlihy-Mera is Distinguished Researcher and Associate Professor at the University of Puerto Rico. His books include After American Studies (2018), Paris in American Literatures (2013), and In Paris or Paname: Hemingway's Expatriate Nationalism (2011)

Ph.D., Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

Student DH initiative: digital questions
Interests: American Literature, Ernest Hemingway, Latinx, Digital Humanities, Modernism.

Multicultural American & Latin American Studies; Digital & Migrant Latinx; Transcultural Rhetorics; Age Studies; Migrant Modernities; Translingual Writing & Transcultural Aesthetics; Caribbean Studies; Native American Studies; Islam; Massachusetts Studies; Multi & Extra-canonicity; Critical University Studies. 

Herlihy-Mera's recent work has appeared in The Chronicle of Higher EducationModern Fiction StudiesJacobinand Voces del Caribe.
 Perhaps home is not a place but an irrevocable condition. –James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room

Books: Herlihy-Mera speaks Spanish, English, and Catalan.
  • After American Studies: Rethinking the Legacies of Transnational Exceptionalism. New York: Routledge, 2018.
  • Paris in American Literatures. New York & London: Rowman, 2013.
  • Hemingway's Expatriate Nationalism. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2011.

  • Fulbright Distinguished Chair in American Studies (Budapest, 2019)
  • Fulbright Scholar (Ecuador, 2012)
  • New York University Faculty Fellow (Cuba Now and Next) 
  • NEH Chair of Migrant/Transnational Studies 

Past-president of the College English Association: Caribbean Chapter

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Cuenca, Ecuador