Sara Gavrell Ortiz



Ph.D., University of Wisconsin





Intereses académicos:


I am an associate professor of philosophy at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. I am also a traveler with nomadic tendencies, a seeker of new thrills, an eternal student, a mom, a writer, and a birth doula. I love to swim with free dolphins.


My work in philosophy bridges the areas of ethical theory, feminism(s), and bioethics broadly construed. I have taught courses in ethics, bioethics, medical ethics, environmental ethics, engineering ethics, computer ethics, and introduction to philosophy; and I have created courses in philosophy of birth, feminist reproductive ethics, feminist ethics, and animal ethics.


My main area of research is Philosophy of Birth. But my research interests also include the ethics of risk communication in medicine and public health campaigns, human “enhancements” and human/non-human chimeras, and cetacean ethics. My philosophical passions involve thinking about the superpowers we have, such as the ability to create life by gestating and birthing, and the superpowers we might have in the future through biotechnology, such as the ability to breath underwater.This is Sara Gavrell's new text in white on the page, so it's blank.. She is a professor of philosophy.