Michael Huffmaster



Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley 



Intereses académicos:

Michael Huffmaster, Associate Professor of German, works at the intersection of language and literature. His current book project, Reading Kafka’s Mind: The Cognitive Poetics of a Translingual Imagination, uses cognitive theory to explain the Kafkaesque. In literary linguistics, his work focuses on speech act theory, metaphor theory, and translation. In language and literature education, his research investigates how adult foreign language and literature study fosters critical and creative thinking and promotes the core democratic values of liberal education.


Articles and Book Chapters

“Modern Languages,” with Claire Kramsch, The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Education, Eds. Sara Laviosa and Maria González Davies, forthcoming 2019

“The Success of Failure: Performatives in ‘The Judgment’,” Poetics Today 37.4 (2016)

“Multilingual Practices in Foreign Language Study,” with Claire Kramsch, Multilingual Education: Between Language Learning and Translanguaging, Eds. Jasone Cenoz and Durk Gorter, Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2015

“Judging Torleß’s Confession: Literature as Language,” Das Geständnis und seine Instanzen, Eds. Anders Engberg-Pedersen et al., Vienna: Turia+Kant, 2010

“The Political Promise of Translation,” with Claire Kramsch, Fremdsprachen Lehren und Lernen 37 (2008)

“Arabella Fields: Black Nightingale or Black Chameleon?” Blackness, Transnational, special issue of Österreichische Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaften 17.4 (2006)

Edited Book

Das Geständnis und seine Instanzen, Eds. Anders Engberg-Pedersen, Michael Huffmaster, Eric Nordhausen, and Vrääth Öhner, Vienna: Turia+Kant, 2010

Book Review

Being Bilingual in Borinquen: Student Voices from the University of Puerto Rico, Alicia Pousada, Sargasso 2018-2019 I & II

Creative Writing

“Crisis: Voces de Puerto Rico,” Crisis, special issue of Voces del Caribe (in press)