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Accessing files in our web servers

Category: Web Services, Article: KB9

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Accessing files

Access to web servers are limited to tools with support to secure file transfer protocols, like SFTP, FTPS or WebDAV over HTTPS.


You need to know the following information before you can proceed. if you do not know all of the following items of information, you cannot connect to our web servers:

Account username
Account password
Server name to which you are granted access

Recommended Tools

SFTP and SFTP Clients

For general-purpose file transfer, such as moving data or results to and from the network, modifying web sites, and more, we recommend using FileZilla. You can use FileZilla with Windows, Mac, or Linux. For Mac users we recommend CyberDuck.

Notes using FileZilla
You enter the server name in the field Host. Make sure that you specify the protocol sftp for sample s

Notes using CyberDuck
When creating a new bookmark or a connection select the SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol. The SFTP default port is 3822.

Notes using Dreamweaver
In Dreamweaver SFTP and FTPS are referred as FTP. When configuring a SITE in Dreamweaver select "FTP" as your "Access" option in the "Remote Info" area of your "Advanced" tab. In your "FTP Host" enter the server name with the proper protocol for sample s Click on the checkbox "Secure FTP (SFTP)".