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We are now accepting applications for our Master of Arts in English Education program, which also offers a TESOL certificate. The deadlines for Fall 2018 admission are: March 14 April 13 (with late fee) All applications to the MAEE Program should be submitted online through the Office of Graduate Students (OGS) applications portal here. For details about our requirements and application components visit our Admission page. Here’s our flyer!

The Ultimate Spring 2018 Guide to English Courses

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Do you need to take English Courses next semester? Then this is the guide for you! Students Completing Institutional English Requirements See the General Education English Sequences to know which courses you can take to fulfill your institutional requirements for English. Reminders: Basic English (3101-3102) leads to Reading and Composition (3201-3202/3209/3289) NOT to Intermediate English. Intermediate English (3103-3104) leads to electives in English (listed in the link above) NOT to Advanced English. Advanced English (3211-3212) fulfills your institutional English requirements, but are NOT equivalent to electives in English. Please be clear about what sequence you’re in and satisfy those requirements … Read more…

Research and Internship Courses for English Majors

This post offers information on three resources available to our students and faculty for collaboration and research. English 4998: Supervised Research in English This new course allows faculty to design a series of research activities for one or several students to participate in. The research interest can arise from a student wishing to do research with a faculty member or the faculty member inviting one or several students to participate in a research project. This three credit course qualifies as a professional elective in English. To offer this course, the faculty member and student(s) develop a short syllabus for the … Read more…

Spring 2018 Courses with Dr. Leonardo Flores

This Spring 2018 semester I (Dr. Leonardo Flores) will be offering 3 courses: Modern Poetry, Digital Creative Writing, and Digital Humanities Internship. I have linked to the course blogs, with which I have offered at least two or more iterations of the courses, which should allow you to have a sense of what I’ve covered in the past. For a more immediate synopsis, download the flyer or read it as it cycles above. Some fun facts about these courses: Modern poetry is the second in a 3-part series of poetry courses he will be offering. You can jump in anytime, … Read more…

The English Department’s Guide to Spring 2018 Student Exchanges

Are you interested in participating in a student exchange? Do your wish to take advantage of one of the many opportunities that have emerged for students in Puerto Rico to study in universities in the US next Spring? Then this guide will provide some resources and advice to achieve this goal. Let’s begin with some considerations: Calendar Considerations Because we have an extended Fall semester due to Hurricane María you want to pay special attention to the calendar and see if it’s a viable option. The Fall 2017 semester ends on January 25 and has final exams until February 3, … Read more…

The Wall of Hope

Check out this short video documenting a UPRM Department of English initiative: a wall for the UPRM Community to express itself upon returning to classes after Hurricane María.

Credits: Initiative, design, and implementation by Dr. Mary Sefranek, Jenaira Martínez, and other volunteers, messages by UPRM community, video by Samara Pérez and Victor Soto. Video produced for the English Department Website as a project in Prof. Leonardo Flores’ Digital Humanities Internship class.

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Department of English Alumni, Retirees, and Friends Registry

We’re (re)building a community! The UPRM Department of English is creating an Alumni, Retirees, and Friends Registry so we can stay in touch with members of our community. Sign up with this brief form and let us know how you’ve been and what you’re up to. Our promises: no sharing of contact information with third parties without your consent and no spamming. We will e-mail you 2-3 times a year via an e-mail list that you can unsubscribe from whenever you like. So please take a few minutes to fill in this form. And share it with other alumni, retirees, … Read more…

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