INGL 3345: The “Historical” Mini-Series (Summer 2017)

While the so-called Historical Mini Series is not new, it is emerging as a dominant genre, its stock rising with new streaming technologies and “bingeing” audiences. You’ll learn how to “read” these images, account for their hold on fans, and assess the kinds of cultural work such stories are doing in today’s world. This course will be taught by Dr. Nick Haydock. on M-S from 12:50-3:15 pm. “Think now, history has many cunning passages.” Check out the flyer here.

New Course for the Fall: INGL 3307: Introduction to Communication in the Workplace

If you want to take your communication skills to a professional level, Prof. Waleska M. Morciglio has you covered. Starting the upcoming Fall, she will be offering INGL 3307: Introduction to Communication in the Workplace on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30pm-4:45pm. With this course, you will be exploring the following areas: Writing at Work: Résumés E-mails Memos Letters Reports Speaking at Work: Job Interviews Face-to-Face Communication Meetings Phone and other Digital Forms Oral Presentations Cross-cultural Communication: Written Communication Verbal Communication Non—verbal Communication    

New Course for the Fall: INGL 6478: Old English

Interested in traveling through time? This course will take you back to the early stages of the English language. Learn to read and translate the writings of the Anglo-Saxons. You will leave this course with a specific skill. Experience a student-centered approach to the acquisition of a historical language, with a focus on games, jokes, riddles, etc. Read the fascinating “early novel” Apollonius of Tyre, OE Elegies like The Wanderer and explore the shape-shifting universe of The Riddles of the Exeter Book. The course concludes with a consideration of Old English in contemporary English literature and cinema, focusing in particular … Read more…

A Conversation With Rafael Cancel Miranda

Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances this event will be rescheduled. Title: A Conversation with Rafael Cancel Miranda Date: TBA Time: TBA Room: TBA Directions: (from the student center entrance facing Celis): Enter the Student Center, go to the cafeteria on the second floor. Once you enter the cafeteria, you will turn right. Next, go through the double doors and you will enter a hallway. At the end of the hallway, you will find Salon de Tarzan. Purpose: The purpose of this conversation is to create a dialogue between Mr. Rafael Cancel Miranda and students enrolled in an English course with … Read more…

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