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We are now accepting applications for our Master of Arts in English Education program, which also offers a TESOL certificate. The deadlines for Fall 2018 admission are: March 14 April 13 (with late fee) All applications to the MAEE Program should be submitted online through the Office of Graduate Students (OGS) applications portal here. For details about our requirements and application components visit our Admission page. Here’s our flyer!

Cinémathèque Special Screening of: “Cuentas Pendientes”

Cinémathèque invites the community to a screening of the documentary film “Cuentas Pendientes” on Tuesday, March 13 at 6:30 pm in Chardón 121. Director Arleen Cruz and the subject of the documentary, Chilean journalist Carlos Weber, will be attending to present the film and participate in a Q&A. Here’s the trailer and official press release for the event. “El hombre que todos hemos visto pero no todos conocemos” Cinémathèque presenta el documental «Cuentas pendientes» y tendremos como invitados especiales a la directora Arleen Cruz y el periodista Carlos Weber. Ven a conocer más acerca de esta cautivadora historia llena de … Read more…

Interning Crossroads: Imagining Futures in English and Beyond

The Department of English cordially invites its undergraduate students to an activity on Thursday, December 7 in which they will learn about internships and other professional opportunities through the experiences of 4 English majors. The purpose of this activity is to open the eyes of all English majors towards the very real opportunities within their reach. Our four panelists will be sharing the stories of their journeys and the programs they participated in. This event will be held in CH-326 during universal hour (10:30 AM- 12:00 PM). Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn about these wonderful research … Read more…

Department of English Alumni, Retirees, and Friends Registry

We’re (re)building a community! The UPRM Department of English is creating an Alumni, Retirees, and Friends Registry so we can stay in touch with members of our community. Sign up with this brief form and let us know how you’ve been and what you’re up to. Our promises: no sharing of contact information with third parties without your consent and no spamming. We will e-mail you 2-3 times a year via an e-mail list that you can unsubscribe from whenever you like. So please take a few minutes to fill in this form. And share it with other alumni, retirees, … Read more…

Department of English Emergency Communication Protocols

The Department of English has a communications network and a set of protocols in place to notify its community of important and emergency events. Please take a moment to examine the document below. If you’re interested in signing up for our Emergency Text Message system sign up here (UPR account needed). Here is the Emergency Protocol document:

INGL 3345: The “Historical” Mini-Series (Summer 2017)

While the so-called Historical Mini Series is not new, it is emerging as a dominant genre, its stock rising with new streaming technologies and “bingeing” audiences. You’ll learn how to “read” these images, account for their hold on fans, and assess the kinds of cultural work such stories are doing in today’s world. This course will be taught by Dr. Nick Haydock. on M-S from 12:50-3:15 pm. “Think now, history has many cunning passages.” Check out the flyer here.

The New Film Certificate Starts in August!

The New Film Certificate Starts in August!


The UPRM Film Certificate is a curricular sequence founded in 2006. Certificate students have won prizes at film festivals, gone on to study film at the graduate level in topflight programs at the American Film Institute, Columbia University, Columbia College – Chicago, the Savannah College of Art and Design, and elsewhere, work in film in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Atlanta, and have won Emmys.

This August, we unveil the new expanded Film Certificate with more options and more professors. We have three brand new courses, and will be offering a series of weekend workshops as sections of CINE4025, which focus on different filmmaking skills. Look for Cartero e-mails and flyers promoting these new courses and workshops. Take a course as an elective, or submit an application to enroll in the Film Certificate.

Required Courses Credits Prerequisites
CINE3005: Writing the Short Film (New Course) 3 24 Credits
CINE4001: Film History to 1950 4 48 Credits
CINE4002: Film History from 1950 4 48 Credits
CINE4005: Film Theory 3 48 Credits
Choose Between:    
CINE4017: Film Production – The Fiction Film (New Course) 3 48 Credits
CINE4016: Film Production – The Creative Documentary (New Course) 3 48 Credits
Film Electives (Take at Least 1 Credit)    
CINE4025: Special Topics 1-9 24 Credits
INGL3345: Special Topics    
ITAL3085: Italian Cinema    
ESPA3126: Latin American Cinema    
ESPA3305: Hispanic Film and Literature    
Total Number of Credits Required 18  

* The old requirements apply to students already enrolled in the Film Certificate. The new requirements apply to anyone accepted for August of 2017 or after.

** The courses CINE4016 and CINE4017 replace CINE4015: Digital Videomaking. Students who have already taken CINE4015 do not need to take CINE4016 or CINE4017. Students who haven’t taken CINE4015, should take CINE4016 or CINE4017.





The English Department Enrollment Guide: Summer and Fall 2017 Edition

This is a guide for everyone who needs to take English courses this coming Summer or Fall 2017 sessions. Let’s begin with our offerings: Summer 2017 Course Offerings – All courses will be offered in the first Summer Session (July 8-29). Fall 2017 Course Offerings Fall 2017 Guide for English Majors and Graduate Students Courses category – Our blog has a category dedicated to information on our courses offerings, including flyers and promos. This resource applies to all undergraduate students: General Education English Sequences Please consult this document carefully to avoid course validation problems later. It has been updated and … Read more…

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