Interning Crossroads: Imagining Futures in English and Beyond

The Department of English cordially invites its undergraduate students to an activity on Thursday, December 7 in which they will learn about internships and other professional opportunities through the experiences of 4 English majors. The purpose of this activity is to open the eyes of all English majors towards the very real opportunities within their reach. Our four panelists will be sharing the stories of their journeys and the programs they participated in. This event will be held in CH-326 during universal hour (10:30 AM- 12:00 PM). Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn about these wonderful research … Read more…

The English Department’s Guide to Spring 2018 Student Exchanges

Are you interested in participating in a student exchange? Do your wish to take advantage of one of the many opportunities that have emerged for students in Puerto Rico to study in universities in the US next Spring? Then this guide will provide some resources and advice to achieve this goal. Let’s begin with some considerations: Calendar Considerations Because we have an extended Fall semester due to Hurricane María you want to pay special attention to the calendar and see if it’s a viable option. The Fall 2017 semester ends on January 25 and has final exams until February 3, … Read more…

Department of English Emergency Communication Protocols

The Department of English has a communications network and a set of protocols in place to notify its community of important and emergency events. Please take a moment to examine the document below. If you’re interested in signing up for our Emergency Text Message system sign up here (UPR account needed). Here is the Emergency Protocol document:

New M.A.E.E Program Forms

Attention graduate students enrolled in our MAEE program. The Plan of Study and Amendment to the Plan of Study Forms have changed. There is also a new form that everyone with an assistantship needs to fill in to certify their professional development hours. This form is essential to the renewal of your assistantship after the first year. Here are links to the forms: Amendment to the Plan of Study Professional Development Certification Form Plan of Study The forms are also available in the Student Forms page in this website.

2016 Graduates: Where Are They Headed?

New students enter the halls of Colegio each year, which means current undergraduates are heading out to bigger pastures. Some of these undergrads head straight into graduate studies and others take a well deserved break while reflecting on what they want to do in life. Nevertheless, it is an accomplishment to have completed a degree, and no matter what they do in life, they are sure to hold their heads high and succeed as only colegiales know how. Now, on to the purpose of this post. Many of us, in all honesty, tend to be nosy and want to know what some of these … Read more…

Course: English 3326: Minority Literature in the US

This upcoming Fall Semester 2016-21017, Dr. Ricia A. Chansky is offering the course INGL3326: Minority Literature of the US. Stemming from Chimamanda Adichie’s TED Talk, “The Danger of a Single Story”, this course will explore the multiple and diverse voices that interpret and record U.S. experiences. This course will be taught Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 3:30pm.

Out Loud! Festival Video

For seven years, Dr. Ricia Chansky, along with her skilled Student Coordinators, have organized the annual Out Loud! Festival. It has given Advanced English II students the opportunity to hone their critical thinking, reading, writing, and speaking skills by combining literature and creativity into board games, stories, art, and other media. The Festival is open to all students in the Advanced English II course and continues to see over 100 students participate annually and more than 500 members of the UPRM community visit throughout the day. Laura García de la Noceda and Sophia Melissa Caraballo, amongst other Student Coordinators, oversaw … Read more…

OGS Policies: November 2010

Important information for MAEE students and faculty advisors! Please be aware of two recent OGS policy changes pertaining,  specifically, to: (1) students planning to change degree completion options; and (2) students planning to submit theses in December, 2010 or thereafter. 1) Students planning to switch degree completion options (SEE  OGS MEMO: MemoOGSChangeofPlanNov2010) The first policy updates the memo sent by the OGS in February, 2010 (which I forwarded to you and posted on the blog) indicating that beginning August 2010, students who wished to switch degree completion options (from thesis to comprehensive exam or vice versa) had to request an … Read more…

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