Interning Crossroads: Imagining Futures in English and Beyond

The Department of English cordially invites its undergraduate students to an activity on Thursday, December 7 in which they will learn about internships and other professional opportunities through the experiences of 4 English majors. The purpose of this activity is to open the eyes of all English majors towards the very real opportunities within their reach. Our four panelists will be sharing the stories of their journeys and the programs they participated in. This event will be held in CH-326 during universal hour (10:30 AM- 12:00 PM). Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn about these wonderful research … Read more…

The New Film Certificate Starts in August!

The New Film Certificate Starts in August!


The UPRM Film Certificate is a curricular sequence founded in 2006. Certificate students have won prizes at film festivals, gone on to study film at the graduate level in topflight programs at the American Film Institute, Columbia University, Columbia College – Chicago, the Savannah College of Art and Design, and elsewhere, work in film in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Atlanta, and have won Emmys.

This August, we unveil the new expanded Film Certificate with more options and more professors. We have three brand new courses, and will be offering a series of weekend workshops as sections of CINE4025, which focus on different filmmaking skills. Look for Cartero e-mails and flyers promoting these new courses and workshops. Take a course as an elective, or submit an application to enroll in the Film Certificate.

Required Courses Credits Prerequisites
CINE3005: Writing the Short Film (New Course) 3 24 Credits
CINE4001: Film History to 1950 4 48 Credits
CINE4002: Film History from 1950 4 48 Credits
CINE4005: Film Theory 3 48 Credits
Choose Between:    
CINE4017: Film Production – The Fiction Film (New Course) 3 48 Credits
CINE4016: Film Production – The Creative Documentary (New Course) 3 48 Credits
Film Electives (Take at Least 1 Credit)    
CINE4025: Special Topics 1-9 24 Credits
INGL3345: Special Topics    
ITAL3085: Italian Cinema    
ESPA3126: Latin American Cinema    
ESPA3305: Hispanic Film and Literature    
Total Number of Credits Required 18  

* The old requirements apply to students already enrolled in the Film Certificate. The new requirements apply to anyone accepted for August of 2017 or after.

** The courses CINE4016 and CINE4017 replace CINE4015: Digital Videomaking. Students who have already taken CINE4015 do not need to take CINE4016 or CINE4017. Students who haven’t taken CINE4015, should take CINE4016 or CINE4017.





New book: “Partida en Dos” by Gabrielle Armstrong Velázquez

Partida en Dos is a bilingual book of poems written by English major Gabrielle Armstrong Velázquez. It was published through CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on January 2017. In it, the author tackles with several memories and parts of herself that pull parts of her into contrary directions. The poems tackle themes of modern love, the lack of it, fleeing in the face of new loves that feel like something dreamt about, a life “full of walks and wends, traffic and due dates to comply” (“Common Sleep,” page 4). Inner conflicts come to life where the author copes with loneliness, feeling … Read more…

Personal Statement Workshop

Are you having problems writing your personal statement for that internship or grad school application? The English Writing Center at UPRM cordially invites you to a personal statement workshop where EWC tutors will discuss those important elements you need to include in a personal statement. When? Tuesday, April 4, 2017 Where? Chardón 222 Time? 10:30 a.m. Don’t miss this opportunity! Interested in The English Writing Center? Follow them on FB: English Writing Center-UPRM

Enhance Your Curriculum with Innovation Tracks

Attention English Majors! Have you considered what kinds of skills you would like to develop to make you more successful as an entrepreneur or when applying for jobs? Have you thought about enhancing your considerable critical reading, writing, and thinking skills with training on how to apply them in innovative ways to emergent 21st century market and job market needs? What courses and workshops can you enroll in that will help you achieve your goals? Innovation Tracks— a new initiative led by Drs. Ubaldo Córdova, Mary Leonard, Lourdes Medina, and Leonardo Flores– offers you alternative curricula (tracks) that you can … Read more…

2016 Graduates: Where Are They Headed?

New students enter the halls of Colegio each year, which means current undergraduates are heading out to bigger pastures. Some of these undergrads head straight into graduate studies and others take a well deserved break while reflecting on what they want to do in life. Nevertheless, it is an accomplishment to have completed a degree, and no matter what they do in life, they are sure to hold their heads high and succeed as only colegiales know how. Now, on to the purpose of this post. Many of us, in all honesty, tend to be nosy and want to know what some of these … Read more…

Breakfast of Champions

Classes are over and finals are among us, yet throughout all the madness there was still time to celebrate a special occasion. On Wednesday, May 11, the English Department held a Breakfast for Champions to commemorate the students who completed either their Bachelor of Arts or their Master of Arts in English Education. Sadly, most of the students were not able assist, but it did not stop professors Rosita Rivera, Nancy Vicente, Gayle Griggs, Betsy Morales, Sandra Soto and Gabriel Romaguera from celebrating the accomplishments of the ones who did attend. The professors, in high spirits, got the graduation march as … Read more…

I ♥︎ E-Poetry Café

Monday, May 3rd marked the beginning of a new era for poetry at La Cueva de Tarzán. Dr. Leonardo Flores’s Digital Humanities interns launched the first ever I ♥︎ E-Poetry Café, an event that celebrated electronic poetry, the intersection between poetry and technology.  Over the course of the night, students from Dr. Flores’ Digital Creative Writing class and his Digital Humanities Internship presented original works and from the Electronic Literature Collection: Volume 3, respectively. By six in the afternoon, crowds of students were gathered at La Cueva, eager to explore this innovative poetry. Before any student performed, Dr. Flores defined electronic literature (his research … Read more…

Congratulations to 2016’s Mellowes Award Winners: Demi Fuentes and Ana Portnoy!

The English Department would like to offer its most sincere congratulations to this year’s Mellowes Award recipients: Demi Fuentes & Ana Portnoy! The competition was tough this year, with five candidates in the running, and even resulting in a tie for the award. Both winners were tremendously excited and proud to have been chosen as this year’s recipients, knowing full well how important the award really is. Given only to the most distinguished English Majors, the search for a worthy candidate is taken upon by a committee comprised of several professors. They take careful note of the candidates’ GPA, number of … Read more…

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