Spring 2018 With Dr. Jose M. Irizarry: The Harlem Renaissance

This spring semester take a journey into the Harlem Renaissance, a unique and inspiring movement that originated within the black community in Harlem, New York in the year 1920 until 1930.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more from this decade long movement with Dr. Jose M Irizarry, at both the undergraduate and graduate level. INGL3300: Modernism in America: The Harlem Renaissance (1920-1930) Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30-1:45PM. INGL6055: The Harlem Renaissance (1920-1930): Negotiating White Patronage, Privilege and Cultural Appropriation. Thursdays from 6:30-9:15PM.  

Courses with Dr. Eric Lamore: Literary Theory and Early Black Atlantic Literature

This Spring semester don’t miss out on the opportunity to take these two literature courses with Dr. Eric Lamore who specializes is the literature of the early black Atlantic, transatlantic lives and texts, African American literature, early American literature, textual scholarship, book history, life writing, and the teaching of literature. INGL 3308 – Introduction to Literary Theory (Tues./Thur. 12:30 and 2:00) – (prerequisite: any survey course) INGL 6056 – Early Black Atlantic Literature (Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-4:45) – advanced undergraduate students welcomed.

INGL 5025 Current Approaches in Linguistic Theory

Dr. Catherine Mazak will offer an advanced undergraduate and graduate course on Linguistic Theory for the following Spring semester. The course is scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 to 8:45 in the morning. On this course the students will explore the post-structural turn in applied linguistics and what it means in how we understand “languaging.” First off Dr. Mazak will expose the idea that languages as you know them do not exist… and we’ll shake things up from there.” Through the usage of the post-structural approaches to linguistics, and how these theoretical perspectives just might be the best way … Read more…

Spring 2018 Courses with Dr. Leonardo Flores

This Spring 2018 semester I (Dr. Leonardo Flores) will be offering 3 courses: Modern Poetry, Digital Creative Writing, and Digital Humanities Internship. I have linked to the course blogs, with which I have offered at least two or more iterations of the courses, which should allow you to have a sense of what I’ve covered in the past. For a more immediate synopsis, download the flyer or read it as it cycles above. Some fun facts about these courses: Modern poetry is the second in a 3-part series of poetry courses he will be offering. You can jump in anytime, … Read more…

Interning Crossroads Activity: Opportunities for English majors

Last week a very special event took place. The English Department hosted “Interning Crossroads: Imagining Futures in English and Beyond,” an informative presentation about Internships for the English Undergraduates, from the perspective of four undergrads who embarked on internships last Summer or last semester: Ana Romanach, Amanda Ciani, Andrea Valdés and Keysalis Fermín. Keysalis Fermín recalled how she worked as an intern at the Phillis Wheatley School in Louisiana, as part of the Relay program of the Graduate School of Education (GSE). Her job consisted on preparing fifth-grade students for sixth grade which was part of the program’s purpose to turn … Read more…

Featured Alumni: Angel Matos

This semester, I had the opportunity to converse with one of our English Department Alumni, who has recently been hired as a tenure track Assistant Professor at San Diego State University. His story tells us about his path of discovery, the challenges of the current academic job market, and offers sage advice to our community. We would like to know a little about your background, perhaps a past anecdote that has shaped you into the person you have become today. I guess something that has shaped and continues to shape me today is the fact that I never really limited … Read more…

Interning Crossroads: Imagining Futures in English and Beyond

The Department of English cordially invites its undergraduate students to an activity on Thursday, December 7 in which they will learn about internships and other professional opportunities through the experiences of 4 English majors. The purpose of this activity is to open the eyes of all English majors towards the very real opportunities within their reach. Our four panelists will be sharing the stories of their journeys and the programs they participated in. This event will be held in CH-326 during universal hour (10:30 AM- 12:00 PM). Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn about these wonderful research … Read more…

The English Department’s Guide to Spring 2018 Student Exchanges

Are you interested in participating in a student exchange? Do your wish to take advantage of one of the many opportunities that have emerged for students in Puerto Rico to study in universities in the US next Spring? Then this guide will provide some resources and advice to achieve this goal. Let’s begin with some considerations: Calendar Considerations Because we have an extended Fall semester due to Hurricane María you want to pay special attention to the calendar and see if it’s a viable option. The Fall 2017 semester ends on January 25 and has final exams until February 3, … Read more…

The Wall of Hope

Check out this short video documenting a UPRM Department of English initiative: a wall for the UPRM Community to express itself upon returning to classes after Hurricane María.

Credits: Initiative, design, and implementation by Dr. Mary Sefranek, Jenaira Martínez, and other volunteers, messages by UPRM community, video by Samara Pérez and Victor Soto. Video produced for the English Department Website as a project in Prof. Leonardo Flores’ Digital Humanities Internship class.

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