Playing at the Next Level: A History of American Sega Games

Playing at the Next Level: A History of American Sega Games was written by one of our own. Dr. Kenneth Horowitz, an Adjunct Assistant Professor here in the English Department at UPRM. The book, that came out late this past October, it’s a historical non-fiction about the development of the now multinational video game developer Sega. The book draws from interviews  with Sega alumni to trace the development of the company. Dr. Horowitz got the idea for the book while he was doing research for his dissertation. He’s currently working on a follow up that will be published by McFarland … Read more…

Ricia Chansky: Fulbright Specialist at York University

Dr. Ricia Chansky has won a prestigious Fulbright Specialist Program grant to convene and participate in the IABA conference, lecture, and other related activities at York University in Toronto. Here’s the poster for a lecture she delivered yesterday, titled “Texts in Crisis: Esmeralda Santiago, Judith Ortiz Cofer, and the Case for Rereading Identity.” Thank you for representing us so well!

New book: “Partida en Dos” by Gabrielle Armstrong Velázquez

Partida en Dos is a bilingual book of poems written by English major Gabrielle Armstrong Velázquez. It was published through CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on January 2017. In it, the author tackles with several memories and parts of herself that pull parts of her into contrary directions. The poems tackle themes of modern love, the lack of it, fleeing in the face of new loves that feel like something dreamt about, a life “full of walks and wends, traffic and due dates to comply” (“Common Sleep,” page 4). Inner conflicts come to life where the author copes with loneliness, feeling … Read more…

New book: “Diario de un Labial Atrofiado: Vivencias y Fantasías” by Celia M. Ayala

Our graduate student, Celia M. Ayala, recently published a book of poems titled Diario de un Labial Atrofiado: Vivencias y Fantasías. Here’s the author’s description and information about it. Diario de un Labial Atrofiado: Vivencias y Fantasías is a bilingual “poemario,” where experiences and dreams come alive in technicolor. Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, on April 18, 2017, it is a replay of scenes, where the author experienced love, passion, and the struggles of being a Caribbean female figure. Questions of femininity, sexuality, and oppression were at stake when the author explored different journeys, leading her into paths of Nirvana … Read more…

How to Sign Documents Electronically

One of the challenges of living in an increasingly digital world that still operates with methods designed for paper is that we frequently need to submit paper (or virtual paper) documents with our signature. Without going into a history of proofs of identity and their legal basis, and much less alternative methods to establish identity with digital technologies, I want to offer some basic tools to improve our ability to electronically sign and submit a document or form: One way of doing this is by printing out the document, signing it, and then scanning it or taking a photo. If … Read more…

New Course for the Fall: INGL 6478: Old English

Interested in traveling through time? This course will take you back to the early stages of the English language. Learn to read and translate the writings of the Anglo-Saxons. You will leave this course with a specific skill. Experience a student-centered approach to the acquisition of a historical language, with a focus on games, jokes, riddles, etc. Read the fascinating “early novel” Apollonius of Tyre, OE Elegies like The Wanderer and explore the shape-shifting universe of The Riddles of the Exeter Book. The course concludes with a consideration of Old English in contemporary English literature and cinema, focusing in particular … Read more…

Personal Statement Workshop

Are you having problems writing your personal statement for that internship or grad school application? The English Writing Center at UPRM cordially invites you to a personal statement workshop where EWC tutors will discuss those important elements you need to include in a personal statement. When? Tuesday, April 4, 2017 Where? Chardón 222 Time? 10:30 a.m. Don’t miss this opportunity! Interested in The English Writing Center? Follow them on FB: English Writing Center-UPRM

English Department at Cinco Días Con Nuestra Tierra

The English Department will be present at Cinco Días Con Nuestra Tierra with two faculty presentations in the “Carpa de Foro y Talleres.” Dr. Linda Rodriguez will be presenting her new puppet show “Nena y sus Amigos se van de Paseo por Nuestra Tierra” from Wednesday to Friday at 10:00 am, and Saturday at 9:00 am. Dr. Mary Leonard will talk about animation on Friday from 11:00-1:00 pm in her forum titled “Cine Animado: Un Recorrido Internacional.” Go support our faculty in these fun presentations!

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