The New Film Certificate Starts in August!

The New Film Certificate Starts in August!


The UPRM Film Certificate is a curricular sequence founded in 2006. Certificate students have won prizes at film festivals, gone on to study film at the graduate level in topflight programs at the American Film Institute, Columbia University, Columbia College – Chicago, the Savannah College of Art and Design, and elsewhere, work in film in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Atlanta, and have won Emmys.

This August, we unveil the new expanded Film Certificate with more options and more professors. We have three brand new courses, and will be offering a series of weekend workshops as sections of CINE4025, which focus on different filmmaking skills. Look for Cartero e-mails and flyers promoting these new courses and workshops. Take a course as an elective, or submit an application to enroll in the Film Certificate.

Required Courses Credits Prerequisites
CINE3005: Writing the Short Film (New Course) 3 24 Credits
CINE4001: Film History to 1950 4 48 Credits
CINE4002: Film History from 1950 4 48 Credits
CINE4005: Film Theory 3 48 Credits
Choose Between:    
CINE4017: Film Production – The Fiction Film (New Course) 3 48 Credits
CINE4016: Film Production – The Creative Documentary (New Course) 3 48 Credits
Film Electives (Take at Least 1 Credit)    
CINE4025: Special Topics 1-9 24 Credits
INGL3345: Special Topics    
ITAL3085: Italian Cinema    
ESPA3126: Latin American Cinema    
ESPA3305: Hispanic Film and Literature    
Total Number of Credits Required 18  

* The old requirements apply to students already enrolled in the Film Certificate. The new requirements apply to anyone accepted for August of 2017 or after.

** The courses CINE4016 and CINE4017 replace CINE4015: Digital Videomaking. Students who have already taken CINE4015 do not need to take CINE4016 or CINE4017. Students who haven’t taken CINE4015, should take CINE4016 or CINE4017.





The English Department Enrollment Guide: Summer and Fall 2017 Edition

This is a guide for everyone who needs to take English courses this coming Summer or Fall 2017 sessions. Let’s begin with our offerings: Summer 2017 Course Offerings – All courses will be offered in the first Summer Session (July 8-29). Fall 2017 Course Offerings Fall 2017 Guide for English Majors and Graduate Students Courses category – Our blog has a category dedicated to information on our courses offerings, including flyers and promos. This resource applies to all undergraduate students: General Education English Sequences Please consult this document carefully to avoid course validation problems later. It has been updated and … Read more…

Fall 2017 Guide for English Majors and Graduate Students

This guide offers a simple visual representation of the courses that English majors and graduate students may need to take in the Fall. Graduate courses have been emphasized with bold text. For the Summer offerings, visit this post. Adjustments and changes in August 7-11. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30-9:20 am 9:30-10:20 am 10:30-11:20 am 11:30-12:20 pm 12:30-1:20 pm 1:30-2:20 pm INGL 3231: Expository Writing – Dr. Nancy V. Vicente INGL 3236: Technical Communication – Dr. Sandra Ríos (Hybrid Course) INGL 3236: Technical Communication – Dr. Sandra Ríos (Hybrid Course) INGL 3279: Introduction to Poetry – Dr. Leonardo L. Flores INGL 3236: … Read more…

Summer 2017 Course Offerings

This information is outdated: here is an updated Summer 2017 Offering. Here are the courses to be offered this Summer 2017. Time Course Instructors 7:30-9:55 3238: Creative Writing Iris Toro 7:30-9:55 3201: Reading and Composition I Glory J. Soto 7:30-9:55 3101: Basic English I TBA 7:30-9:55 3103: Intermediate English I TBA 7:30-9:55 3211: Advanced English I TBA 10:10-12:35 3321: Survey of English Literature I Nickolas Haydock 10:10-12:35 3236: Technical Writing Rosita L. Rivera 10:10-12:35 3201: Reading and Composition I Glory J. Soto 10:10-12:35 3101: Basic English I TBA 10:10-12:35 3103: Intermediate English I TBA 10:10-12:35 3211: Advanced English I Janice … Read more…

New Course for the Fall: INGL 3307: Introduction to Communication in the Workplace

If you want to take your communication skills to a professional level, Prof. Waleska M. Morciglio has you covered. Starting the upcoming Fall, she will be offering INGL 3307: Introduction to Communication in the Workplace on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30pm-4:45pm. With this course, you will be exploring the following areas: Writing at Work: Résumés E-mails Memos Letters Reports Speaking at Work: Job Interviews Face-to-Face Communication Meetings Phone and other Digital Forms Oral Presentations Cross-cultural Communication: Written Communication Verbal Communication Non—verbal Communication    

Leonardo Flores’ Poetry Series: Introduction to Poetry

This series of courses taught by Dr. Leonardo Flores will develop your poetry reading and analytical skills while bringing you up to date on poetic movements during the past century. For best results, take the whole sequence. INGL 3279: Introduction to Poetry (Fall 2017) – Cultivate your critical vocabulary and skills while discovering the impact of orality, writing, print, audio recording, film, and digital media in the creation, publication, and reception of poetry. INGL 3325: Modern Poetry (Spring 2018) – Discover how poetry was transformed during the first half of the 20th century with innovations (such as free verse) that … Read more…

Personal Statement Workshop

Are you having problems writing your personal statement for that internship or grad school application? The English Writing Center at UPRM cordially invites you to a personal statement workshop where EWC tutors will discuss those important elements you need to include in a personal statement. When? Tuesday, April 4, 2017 Where? Chardón 222 Time? 10:30 a.m. Don’t miss this opportunity! Interested in The English Writing Center? Follow them on FB: English Writing Center-UPRM

English Department at Cinco Días Con Nuestra Tierra

The English Department will be present at Cinco Días Con Nuestra Tierra with two faculty presentations in the “Carpa de Foro y Talleres.” Dr. Linda Rodriguez will be presenting her new puppet show “Nena y sus Amigos se van de Paseo por Nuestra Tierra” from Wednesday to Friday at 10:00 am, and Saturday at 9:00 am. Dr. Mary Leonard will talk about animation on Friday from 11:00-1:00 pm in her forum titled “Cine Animado: Un Recorrido Internacional.” Go support our faculty in these fun presentations!

Public Lecture: “Drawing the Diaspora, Graphic Narratives from San Juan, PR”

On Monday, March 6, María Fernanda Díaz Basteris will be offering a public lecture, titled “Drawing the Diaspora, Graphic Narratives from San Juan, PR.” Maria Fernanda Diaz Basteris is a doctoral student at the University of California-Davis. She has been doing ethnographic research about graphic novels written by Puerto Ricans, both in San Juan and New York. She will report on her interviews with the creators and producers of the series “1898: El Antillano.” The lecture and discussion will be in both Spanish and English, and will take place within the Cultural Studies seminar taught by Dr. Gregory Stephens (INGL … Read more…

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