IV Conferencia Magistral

The Agricultural Sciences faculty and the Organizing Committee for the UPRM Centennial Celebration invites everyone to the IV Magisterial Conference, “Perdue Farms: A Tale of Industry, Agriculture and Academics” with Jim Perdue, Chairman of Perdue Farms, Inc. The activity will take place Tuesday, March 11, 2008 @ 10:30 am in Piñero 213.


SANTIAGO DE CUBA JANUARY 19-23, 2009 The Centre for Applied Linguistics of the Santiago de Cuba’s branch of the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment, is pleased to announce the Eleventh International Symposium on Social Communication dedicated to the 60 anniversary of the large work in defense of the Spanish language of professors Eloina Miyares Bermudez and Julio Vitelio Ruiz Hernandez. The event will be held in Santiago de Cuba January 19 through the 23, 2009. This interdisciplinary event will focus on social ommunication processes from the points of view of Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Medicine, Mass Media, and Art, … Read more…

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Important Reminders

—-The deadline for certifying student attendance is Wednesday, March 5, 2008. Please be sure to do so before then. —–Our next Department Meeting is Thursday, March 6, 10:30 in CH-324. —–The 2nd Faculty Gathering is scheduled for Friday, April 4, 2008, 12:00 – 3:00 PM at the Darlington Building. Lunch will be served.

Movie Medievalism: The Imaginary Middle Ages Publication

NIck Haydock’s book MOVIE MEDIEVALISM: THE IMAGINARY MIDDLE AGES (McFarland 2008) will be out in May of this year. It is already available for eager beavers on Amazon.com. This book provides a theoretical introduction to the study of films about the Middle Ages and what the author calls the “medieval imaginary.” Employing Lacanian psychoanalysis and Deleuze’s philosophy of cinema, Haydock explores images of multivalent time and looks at how contemporary society projects the past it requires in a number of recent films, including: FIRST KNIGHT, A KNIGHT’S TALE, THE MESSENGER: THE STORY OF JOAN OF ARC, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, KING … Read more…

Faculty Resource Network

This link takes you to the Faculty Resource Network which offers year-round programs and events to provide faculty with a broad range of faculty development opportunities ranging from intensive summer seminars, longer research residencies, lunchtime lectures, panel discussions, national symposia, and more. The activities are free of charge for all UPRM faculty.

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