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Technology Assistance Center

The Technological Assistance Center (CAT) is the result of a collaboration agreement between the Dean of Students and the General Library to provide services that meet the needs of our users with special needs established since 2006. In order to comply with the provisions of Law 63 of April 15, 2011 and in agreement with the Puerto Rico Technology Assistance Program (PRATP), technological assistance seeks to ensure that people with special needs achieve greater independence, productivity and integration into the community.

Users who needs to use the resources of the (CAT), must be previously registered with the Reasonable Accommodation Program at the Dean of Students. Registered users can use the facilities at the established hours for these purposes after signing the visitor register sheet located at the front desk of the Center. All users are responsible for the appropriate use of the CAT resources and for contributing to the learning environment, while maintaining behavior in accordance with institutional norms and regulations.


The Technological Assistance Center (CAT) is located on the first floor of the General Library, in the south wing, next to the Electronic Resource Center (CRE) study area. See virtual tour here.

Service Hours

The CAT schedule is adjusted according to the General Library service schedule. For additional information, please contact the General Library at (787) 832-4040 x3810 or the Reasonable Accommodation Program at (787) 832-4040 x3372, x2040.

Monday to Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7:30am - 9:00pm 7:30am - 5:00pm 9:00am - 5:00pm 4:00pm - 9:00pm

Available Technology Assistance Programs

A number of assistive technology products and programs are available, facilitating our users to meet their academic or recreational needs. The programs currently installed at the Center’s computers are:

Nuance Dragon ® : Voice recognition software. Versión 1

This software converts your words into text and can help you perform a variety of tasks more easily and quickly, simply using your voice and is considered the best-selling voice recognition software in the world. Practical applications that can assist you include:

  • Use simple voice commands to dictate your ideas and create documents
  • To send e-mails
  • Search the Internet
  • It even allows you to control many of the programs you use daily at home, at work or anywhere else.

Jaws ® : Screen Reader

Jaws (acronym for Job Access With Speech) is the most popular software on the market developed for users of computers whose vision loss prevents them from viewing content on the screen. JAWS is an accessibility solution that reads information for you on the screen using a voice synthesizer. The software makes it easy to use other programs, allowing editing of documents and reading web pages.

OpenBook ® : Versión 9

OpenBook converts printed or graphic-based documents into an electronic text format on your PC, using a quality voice synthesizer and the latest in accurate character recognition (OCR) technology. OpenBook uses both ABBYY Fine Reader® Nuance OmniPage® and OCR engines to make text recognition as accurate as possible.

TWP Talking Word Processor ® : Versión 15.1

Talking Word Processor is an easy-to-use word processing program that combines the ability to convert text-to-speech with powerful learning technologies. It supports most standard word processor files, including the latest versions of Microsoft Word, standard text, and rich text formats (WordPerfect). By simply pressing a single key, you can hear the text as it is written, and the "repeated word" feature repeats the word after it has been written. "Repeat Phrases" will automatically read a complete sentence about the ending. The built-in dictionary allows the user to search and read the definition of a word by simply double-clicking it.

Zoom Text: Magnifier Reader ® : Versión 10

Zoom Text Magnifier / Reader is text reading and magnifying software that enlarges, enhances and reads aloud what is on the computer screen. Among the most notable features are:

  • Voice recorder output option or converted audio text option.
  • Background Reader lets you listen to text read from a document or program, such as web pages or documents, while simultaneously viewing another document or program.
  • The save option allows you to convert text from a document, email, or web page into an audio recording that can then be transferred to a mobile device.

Duxbury Braille Translator ® : Versión 11.1

The Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT) provides translation and formatting to automate the process of converting from regular printing to braille (and vice versa), as well as word processing applications to work directly in Braille, as well as their impression.


  • Prof. Cyndia L. Caraballo
  • Coordinator, Librarian III
  • cyndia.caraballo@upr.edu
  • x2026