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Donations and Exchange Program

This program is under the Technical Services Department of the Library. The program’s mission is to acquire library resources that will be added directly to the library collections to support the campus curriculum and meets the information demands of the faculty, researchers, students and general campus community. The University has benefited greatly from the many generous donations which have contributed to its important research collection. The needs of a university research library are both varied and specific. Gifts enhance the existing collection and support the university's commitment to excellence in research and teaching. These gifts are essential to the continued development of regular stack material and our special collections. The Library welcomes gifts with the aim of enriching research and special collections, graduate and undergraduate studies. Rare books, scholarly works, or works on out-of-the-way or little-known topics are often a good fit for the library. We are also glad to have new books, and replacements for items missing from our shelves. Donations of scholarly materials that enhance the instructional and research needs of the University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez community are welcome and encouraged. The Library will consider with enthusiasm all offers of books, manuscripts or other recorded thought that fall within the Library's collecting policy.

The program reserves the right to donate, exchange or dispose of any donations/gifts it deems do not fill the current collection development policy and other collection priorities and parameters. Not all donations/gifts are automatically selected and processed for inclusion in a library collection. As such, each donation/gift goes through a formal screening process and evaluated in accordance with the library's collection development policies and priorities.

  • Donation/Gift: library resources in any format of a scholarly or academic nature that are obtained, solicited or unsolicited, free of charge.

  • Exchange: library resources in any format of a scholarly or academic nature that are obtained through agreements between the UPR-Mayaguez Arts and Sciences Publications Office, the Library and other libraries, research institutions and universities.
Responsibility for Accepting Gifts

The Library Director and the Coordinator of Technical Services are authorized to accept gifts on behalf of the Library. This is delegated to the Donations and Exchange Program library staff. The Donations and Exchange Program library staff in turn sends out copies of the exchange lists to the corresponding library collections professional library staff for analysis, selection and approval. Large or potentially rare and valuable gifts can be accepted only after proper consultation and analysis with the Library Director, as this unique type of donation may require additional monetary support to process the material appropriately.

Overview of Donations/Gifts

Donations/gifts are accepted by individuals, institutions and organizations interested in donating their resources to enrich our library collections or to replace a lost or missing item. Every donation/gift is screened and evaluated according to the Library Collection Development Policy. Donations/gifts are only accepted if they are not tied to any restrictions by the donor regarding its use or location within the library. All accepted donations/gifts are expected to meet the same standards of quality and relevance to the curriculum as new Library purchases, as outlined in the Library Collection Development Policy.


Donations and Exchange Program library staff ensure that all donations/gifts accepted for inclusion into a library collection are properly acknowledged in a timely fashion through correspondence with the donor, like a thank-you letter or email that serves as the donor’s receipt. The correspondence also makes clear to the donor that upon receipt of the donation/gift, the Library becomes the sole owner of the material and reserves the right to dispose of it at any moment. A record of the acknowledgment letter is maintained in University Library records.

Selection Criteria

The primary selection criteria considered when carefully examining and evaluating donations/gifts are: (1) relevance to our campus academic and research programs; (2) strengths and weaknesses (gaps) within the existing library collections; (3) uniqueness of the donations/gifts and its potential value to library users; (4) duplicates with the existing library holdings and; (5) size, format and condition of the donation/gift and how it might impact the preservation, cataloging and spacing process and handling.

The following section will give you some tips on making a donation of books, other printed material or formats to the library. If you are considering donating to the library, we urge you to first contact the Library (see Contact Information below).

Conditions of Acceptance

Donations/gifts are accepted with the understanding that the Library will dispose of anything not needed for the collection. Items that do not fall within the scope of the Library are frequently sent to other libraries in need.

Donors are advised to understand and agree to the following conditions:

  • It is the responsibility of the donor to arrange and pay for the delivery, transportation or transfer of the donations/gifts
  • To ensure maximum accessibility to the Library's resources donors are not allowed to impose special restrictions or requirements on the use, access, processing or disposal of the donations/gifts
  • Upon acceptance, the ownership of the donation/gift is unconditionally and permanently transferred to the Library and therefore becomes the property of the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez
  • The Library reserves the right to retain those donations/gifts that have the potential to enrich, extend and complement the library collections and dispose of other donations/gifts if it is determined to be outside the scope of the library collection or falls outside of the criteria outlined within the Library Collection Development Policy
  • Any donated materials not added to a library collection may be placed and made available in the Exchange Program list to be shared with other libraries or research institutions throughout the world or otherwise disposed of or recycled as stated in the Library Collection Development Policy
  • The Library reserves the right to refuse donations/gifts it deems inappropriate for the library collections or that do not fit current collecting goals
  • The Library is not obligated in any way to return donated materials that are not selected for inclusion in a library collection
  • The Library reserves the right to determine the appropriate location of the accepted donation/gift within a library collection
  • Due to cataloging, labeling, and ongoing space commitments there is the possibility of delays in the cataloging treatment and processing of accepted donated materials
Donations/gifts are not accepted under the following but not limited to conditions:
  • Contains or comes with special gift restrictions, encumbrances and stipulations for acceptance, selection, location and use
  • Outdated textbooks (they become quickly outdated as new editions are published)
  • Photocopies or loose-leaf publications
  • Newspapers and popular magazines
  • Popular fiction and mass-market paperbacks
  • Children’s or young adult books, unless the work is based on themes and subject matter related to the historical, social, cultural, political and environmental context of Puerto Rico
  • Contains mold, mildew, pests or stains
  • Extremely brittle materials
  • Duplicates (unless the donated copy is in better condition)
  • Poor physical condition (falling apart, missing pages, have yellowed paper) or heavily annotated
  • Dormat is no longer collected/supported by the library. Special attention is given to the technical quality of the product and the current or planned availability of the necessary equipment to utilize these resources.
  • Conference programs that do not include the papers presented
  • International newspapers in print format

Gifts with restrictions such as separate housing, perpetual retention, return of items not added to the collection, or restricted access, are not accepted. Exceptions to this policy are considered only in special circumstances, and must be approved by the Director of the Library in advance of the donation.

Overview of Exchanges

The exchange of materials from one library or institution to another enables the library to acquire hard-to-find resources that would be impossible otherwise to acquire. Exchanges are cost-effective and allow each library to disseminate resources published by the University. The UPR-Mayaguez Arts and Sciences Publications Office has formal agreements with hundreds of libraries and institutions both in Puerto Rico and abroad. The Library benefits from these agreements and in addition maintains a duplicate exchange agreement with other libraries.

Appraisals and Tax Deductions

Because federal tax regulations prohibit the Library from giving appraisals or estimates of value of donations/gifts, appraisals are the sole responsibility of the donor. Tax implications of donations/gifts are the responsibility of the donor to investigate. Library staff is not allowed to make any monetary appraisal or provide any information related to taxes about any donation/gift made to the Library.


Before bringing a donation to the library, please box all materials, and contact the Library to discuss any special circumstances concerning your donation/gift.

  • Janire Mayens
  • Library Assistant III
  • janire.mayens@upr.edu
  • x2251, x3759