Cut by Chance
Cut by Chance
By Marta Yazmín García
Translated by Tia Gilson

Friday, January 16th 2009                           [ versión español ]

“Even the words smell of dust
the same dust
that invisibly sits
on the leaves of house plants
that have forgotten their savage instincts
resting without moving their stems every now and then.”
Rene Pérez Martínez, Corte al Azar

Rene Pérez Martínez is the author of Corte al Azar and founder of the Editorial Preámbulo.
Rene Pérez Martínez is the author of Corte al Azar and founder of the Editorial Preámbulo.
A writer dreams of the opportunity to share his/her work with the greater public. For the poet, Rene Pérez Martínez it was also the inspiration of creating his own editorial: Editorial Preámbulo (Preamble Editorial), the publishing house of his first book, Corte al Azar (Cut by Chance).

This collection of poems plays on rhetorical strategies that stir up multiple interpretations, which flow exceptionally with the Cortazarian technique, explained doctor Carmen Rivera Villegas during the book presentation that took place at the end of last semester, in the Álvarez Nazario Room of the Main Library at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez (UPRM).

“Even though the title invites you to believe the contrary, this coincidence isn’t the axis of its structure. On the contrary, from its preface by Jaime Suárez Berrocal, flipping through the title page’s design and the pages, marked with dotted lines that indicate the direction in which it should be cut, completed with its own thematic order of the pieces, this collection of poems is the result of an architectural mind with a high sense of esthetic responsibility,” noted Rivera Villegas.

Pérez Martínez, has distinguished himself as editor of various works from different artists by means of the magazines Pastiche and Mancha. In this manner, he has published some of his writings in the magazines Puñal de Epifanía, Zurde, Códice and Tonguas, En la orilla, and Desde el límite.

“It’s an eclectic voice, a tone that plays with caution and comradery, it’s a cubist view. It’s a worried voice, similar to surrealists, in the middle and the parenthesis. He knows how to take advantage of the ambiguity, he makes fun of the uniqueness and reaffirms that poetry is poetry when it offers us clearly, transparently, and powerfully, versatility,” said Rivera Villegas.

For Pérez Martínez, the presentation of Corte al Azar- which integrates a great number of dedicated poems- constitutes the coronation of his experiences and knowledge acquired during his time as an UPRM student, and participant and collaborator of diverse academic and artistic activities.

“The University is the best place for the birth of these types of projects. I believe that Editorial Preámbulo wouldn’t have been able to be without the instruction that took place and having collaborated in University magazines such as Pastiche, as well as in numerous local projects. Corte al Azar is presented today as a sample of what students are able to create in the academic scene,” emphasized the poet.

In Elizabeth Santiago Berríos’s opinion, editor of the independent project Editorial Preámbulo, an initiative serves the principal purpose of creating a platform for novel writers to publish their material far from economic tensions. “An idea that is so simple its challenging,” she sustained.

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Doctor Carmen Rivera Villegas was in charge of the poet’s presentation.
Doctor Carmen Rivera Villegas was in charge of the poet’s presentation.

Elizabeth Santiago Berríos is the editor of Preámbulo.
Elizabeth Santiago Berríos is the editor of Preámbulo.

Photographs by Stephanie Silva