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CID EEA Red Sismica de Puerto Rico Seagrant AtmosCarib Campus Verde

Achievable Renewable Energy Targets (ARET) for Puerto Rico (Report from 2008)

Achievable Renewable Energy Targets for Puerto Rico's Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard.

Graduate Research and Education for Appropriate Technology: Inspiring Direct Engagement and Agency

GREAT IDEA is an interdisciplinary project funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

X-band Doppler Polarimetric Weather Radar Network in Puerto Rico

Engineering Research Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere.

Caribbean coastal ocean observing system

Regional Integrated Ocean Observing System.

Stormwater Management Program

Brochure (View PDF) Website (in Spanish) http://www.uprm.edu/manejodeaguas

Puerto Rico Water Resources and Environmental Research Institute

The Puerto Rico Water Resources and Environmental Research Institute is a research facility dedicated to the investigation and development of water resources in Puerto Rico.

Brochure (View PDF) Website http://prwreri.uprm.edu

Caribbean Coral Reef Institute (CCRI)

The CCRI is presently soliciting pre-proposals for coral reef research in the US Caribbean region. More details...

Puerto Rico Seismic Network

Educational information and activities for the scientific community and to the general public available at: http://redsismica.uprm.edu/english/news.


Competing in the global economy of the 21st century requires a diverse technical team-and not only must this team be diverse in technical talents, but it must be diverse in ethnic and cultural backgrounds as well. This means more Latinos, African Americans, and Native Americans must earn Ph.D.s in areas where technical breakthroughs are expected-in science, mathematics, and engineering (SME).

In this age of accelerated technological advances, increasing career specialization and extremely competitive job opportunities, society has a vested interest in promoting graduate and professional education as never before.

Website www.uprm.edu/cnypragep Email: cnypragep@uprm.edu