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Welcome to JOE, a text editor for MacOS X.

Current Version: 1.6

Version 1.6 [4/Mar/04]

Syntax highlight is fully functional. New PHP Reference. New PHP Project. Still more bugs and half-baked features to fix, yet 1.6 is overall a very stable release to the point I use it for day to day work.


Syntax highlight:
JOE allows you to define languages using configuration files for syntax highlight and markers. I have only made the one for PHP, expect others in the future.

Remote Save/Sync:
You can set per file or per project FTP settings to save or sync a file.

Data Inspector/Reader:
Allows you to inspect binary files. Use the reader to define data structures and read nested and recursive structures. Sorry the Inspector and the reader is Big-Indian, the code already allows to read low byte, high byte but there is no option to change from one to the other. Anyway you can use the script shell to write a quick routine to change a Big-Indian value to Little-Indian. Have fun!

Create scripts or manipulate documents by running code directly in the script shell. The script language is Object Oriented BASIC. Sorry no documentation yet, but you can download REALBasic documentation form their website at Also check the scripts inlcuded with JOE.

Flexible Find and Replace:
The Find/Replace dialog allows you to use RegEx, ASCII, HEX, and Octal data. You can quickly select text on a document and search for other instances of the selection. You can also perform Batch Find/Replace in multiple files (no need to open the files).

Built-in text filters:
Text filters allow you to do things like remove reply markers from text, extract text from word and wordperfect documents, trim and crop text and many others.

Bookmarks and shortcuts:
Bookmark parts of the text. Create shortcuts to frequently used fragments of text.

Append/Edit Clipboard:
View and edit the contents of the clipboard. Append the selection to the clipboard.

FTP Dropplet:
Handy windows configured to upload any file dragged to it.

Character Pallete:
Quick access to those fancy characters.

HTML Tools:
Many toolbars and utilities to create html documents.

Internet Plugins:
Add contest sensitive links to a menu. Search the selected text in Google, Translate the text and many more. You can easily create your own links.

Check PHP Syntax:
Select a portion of code and check for common errors like missing semicolon, unbalanced strings, parenthesis and curly brackets.

Code Markers:
Jump straight to a PHP function or class definition. You can define markers for a particular language.

Tab Documents:
Open multiple documents in the same window.

Swiss Knife:
Extend JOE with HTML/DHTML/JavaScript and BASIC Script. Joe comes with a Calculator, a iTunes remote control and many other examples.

Many More:
Press {Shift}+{Control}+{+} to turn selection uppercase.
Press {Shift}+{Control}+{-} to turn selection lowercase.
Press {tab} to indent a selection, {shift}+{tab} to remove indent.
Press {Enter}+{Control} to turn selection into a numeric list.
Press {Enter}+{Control}+{Option} to turn selection into a alphabetic list.
Press {Control}+{Command}+{D} to delete all instances of the selected text.
Press {Command}+{E} to set find string to the selected text.
Press {Shift}+{Command}+{C} to duplicate the selection.
Press {Control}+{Command}+{C} to append selection to clipboard.
Press {Shift}+{Command}+{A} to select line.
Use {HOME} and {END} just like in Windows Text Editors.


PHP Document and PHP Project
Find and Replace window
File menu and PHP options
Some Data and Structure options
Data Inspector
PHP Referance
Tools menu
PHP menu and some HTML tools
Edit menu
Tools Menu and a iTunes Plugin running


MacOS X 1.6
WinXP, (zombie project)