Química Física

Química Física- Biofísica - Dr. Juan López Garriga


The research interest of the laboratory is focus to determine the relation between chemical structure, chemical dynamics and biological function  in hemeproteins. These include oxygen and ligand transport proteins like human hemoglobin and myoglobin and the unique hemoglobin I from Lucina pectinata, as well as electron transfer proteins such as cytochrome c oxidade. Using "site directed mutagenesis" we tailor the structure of this hemeproteins. Then, its chemical structure is then studied by Fourier Transform infrared, resonance Raman, vibrational analysis, and NMR spectroscopies. This is followed by kinetic studies, using time-resolved (pump and probe) infrared and resonance Raman techniques, of the reaction between these hemoproteins and ligands (for example, O2, CO, NO, and H2S).

Finally, ultrafast chemical dynamics of these species are determined in the picoseconds and femtosecond using time-resolved (pump and probe) transient spectroscopy.

Dr. Gustavo López - Simulaciones en Computadoras

Nuestra investigación gira alrededor de estudiar las propiedades químicas y físicas de sistemas en la fase condensada utilizando simulaciones en computadoras. Algunos de los sistemas que estudiamos son agregados atómicos y moleculares, fluidos confinados en nanoestructura, capas finas poliméricas y surfactantes pulmonares.

Dra. Astrid Cruz - Simulaciones en Computadoras

Realizamos simulaciones en computadoras utilizando modelos de la mecánica cuántica para describir la interacción de moléculas con superficies metálicas y agregados metálicos.



Dr. Samuel Hernández

Molecular spectroscopy of crossedmolecular beams and jets; Laser-Raman and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy of biomolecules and their interaction with heavy metal ions and carcinogenic compounds; molecular spectroscopy of coordination compounds , superconductors, and explosives; theoretical calculations correlating measured spectroscopy properties.


Dr. Jorge Laboy

Work in my lab focuses on mid- infrared FTIR spectroscopy of transient species and reaction intermediates, mainly radicals, using Matrix-isolation. We are also interested in photochemicla reactions and reaction dealing with semiconductor materials.



Dr. Nairmen Mina

FT-IR, near IR, VIS and photoacoustic spectroscopy of organic compounds at cryogenic temperatures. Chemical kinetics and spectroscopy of CRS's




Dr. Manuel Rodríguez Flores

Application of gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy and FT-IR spectroscopy to the development of methods for the analysis of samples of environmental origin. (e.g. air, water, soil); and, for the characterization of the constituents of the flavor and aroma of tropical fruits.

Dr. Ismael Scott

Infrared and laser-raman spectroscopic studies of RNA and DNA bases, including both experimental and theoretical work; toxicology and environmetal effect of chemicals.

Dr. Miguel Castro

Synthesis and characterization of electronic materials; application of heterogeneous catalysis to drug synthesis; time-resolved mass and infrared spectroscopy; time-of-flight measurements of oriented molecules.