Innovative Educators is a platform to access multiple Webinars for professional enrichment. It is subsidized by the proposal Title V: DEF: Pathways to Success: RUMbos para el ÉXITO and that you can freely access. The Webinars will be validated by the CEP and submitted for Government Ethics hours (for teachers only).


  1. Go to the website
  2. Select the circle of the profile (menu at the top right), then select and open the “Create Account” link.
  3. Provide the data to open an account in the system using your UPR email ( You will receive an email confirming your subscription to the system.
  4. Enter Innovative Educators and sign in again. Search by title the “Webinar” you want to see.


  1. Choose the “Go2K Members” purchase option. Press “Register” and in the “Chekout” in the “Discount” part write the code UPR17.
  2. Fill in the contact information. Click on “Continue to Payment Method” and then “Complete Order”.

Recomended Webinars

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Once the webinar is finished, please send the following information to the with the presentation:
Full name:


Name of the webinar taken:

Date (when it was given):

What time it started and ended:

Total accumulated hours:

Identify if you are a teacher / non-teacher / student: