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Aidalu Joubert Associate Professor
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Ph.D. Washington State University, 1998


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Teaching Interests

Analytical chemistry

Research Interests

The distribution of trace metals in air particulate has been a major concern over the years due to its harmful effects to the environment. Metals such as Pd, Cd, Mn, and Cu to mention a few, contribute to the quality of air. However, it has been established that particle size play a major role in the elemental composition in which these metals are found. While some elements are associated with coarse particles, others are more identified with fine particulate. The Sahara dust, as it is commonly refer to, sand carried from the Sahara Desert in Africa by strong winds to the west, e.g. U.S.A., South America and the Caribbean, has rekindle this research area. It is known that the Saharan dust enters the U.S. continental at least three times during the year, with the summer season as the most intense. Implications such as respiratory disease have already been connected to the Saharan dust. To characterize airborne particulate the effect of Saharan dust airborne particulate is necessary. Total suspended particle (TSP), heavy metals concentration and volatile organic compounds (VOC's) concentration are the three basic analyses for airborne particulate characterization.

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