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Félix R. Román Professor
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phone: (787) 832-4040 ext. 3762
fax: (787) 265-3849
email: felixr.roman@upr.edu
office: Q-145
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Ph.D. University of Nebraska, 1989


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Teaching Interests

Analytical chemistry

Research Interests

The use of nanomaterials, bio-nanocomposites and waste tire crumb rubber for the removal of organic and inorganic contaminants of emerging concern from water such as antibacterial agents, Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCP), carcinogens and hormones. Development of elemental analysis coupled with chemometrics for the unequivocal identification of water and foodbourne pathogens. Use of microorganism for the conversion of glycerol into ethanol for biodiesel production. Analysis of food and water contaminants such heavy metals using ICP-MS.

Selected Publications

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