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email: jorge.rios2@upr.edu
office: Q-021B
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Ph.D. University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras, 1991


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Teaching Interests

General chemistry

Research Interests

Our research is primordially geared towards understanding the three dimensional structure and molecular details of proteins, protein complexes, macromolecules and small organic/inorganic molecules. The structural information gathered serves as to correlate the chemical behavior of these macromolecules/complexes to their modulatory events, which take place at the physiological level. Research is focused at studying complexes of inhibited and uninhibited proteins involved in the complex blood coagulation system. Other macromolecules of relevant biological importance, obtained through other collaborative sources, are also of interest.
The principal analytical technique utilized here is X-ray diffraction. In this technique, a single crystal of the specie of interest is prepared and exposed to X-rays, the diffraction pattern analyzed and the structure is solved and modeled into the electron density. Further rational analysis is done on the structure and correlated to other similar molecules that are available through structural databases.

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