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The EWC is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please arrive at the Center no later than 3:30 p.m. so that there’s sufficient time to serve you. We generally open the second week of classes and remain open until the last week of classes. We observe all the holidays and academic recesses in the UPRM academic calendar.
The EWC is staffed by “peer tutors,” UPRM undergraduate and graduate students majoring in a variety of academic disciplines. Most of us learned English as our second language, all of us are fully bilingual and knowledgeable of diverse writing styles and formats. We collaborate with tutees in collegial and supportive tutoring sessions designed to address the questions, concerns and needs of the students who visit us. We look forward to welcoming you at the Center!

To meet our current team of tutors, visit our blog, Better Writers, at ewcuprm.weebly.com.

All UPRM students are welcome at the English Writing Center! No appointment is necessary for our general tutoring sessions (20-30 minutes); just drop in during the Center’s hours of operation and wait for the next available tutor. For assistance with written assignments or projects you must bring a hard copy of your work (preferably double-spaced); for conversational English sessions you must bring a list of topics or prompts you would like to address with the tutor. Graduate students and advanced undergraduates working on longer projects such as conference papers, theses and mini-theses (tesinas) may schedule hour-long appointments in advance. You may request your appointment in person at the EWC or via email by sending a message to ewcuprm@gmail.com indicating the days and times when you are available for an appointment.

Bear in mind that we are a peer-tutoring center, not a professional editorial service. Thus, authors have to be present during the tutoring session and may not send their work with friends or colleagues.

Our mission is to help students of the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez become more effective writers. We encourage students to develop their own strategies for writing and we guide them through the individualization of their writing processes. Through a comprehensive program of tutorial, reference, and instructional services, the EWC is designed to meet the diverse needs of students in all disciplines. The center works both independently of and in concert with faculty teaching classes at all proficiency levels. We believe that writing shapes thinking, and thus the ability to write proficiently is the goal of every student at UPRM. Our peer-tutoring model seeks to encourage and support writers in their quest to realize their own methods and achieve that goal. We support undergraduate and graduate students in their progress towards fulfilling their potential as professionals who must be able to communicate clearly and effectively in the context of our highly complex, diverse, and technologically advanced society.
The English Writing Center seeks to empower student writers through active intervention in their writing and language learning processes. Our individualized approach, based on one-on-one peer tutoring sessions, supports students’ particular learning needs and styles and cultivates diverse tutoring strategies. Tutor and tutee collaborate on setting the direction for each session while protecting the authority and the ideas of the writer. The EWC thus strives to be a safe space for writers of all levels and academic backgrounds to approach their writing as a process of creation and investigation, and not simply as a mode of expression. Our ultimate goal is not to produce better writing assignments but to provide the support that would enable our visitors to become better writers.

The English Writing Center… Connecting Writers Everyday!

Tutor positions are competitive and are only open to full-time undergraduate and graduate UPRM students. To inquire about available tutor positions and application requirements, please email Prof. Waleska Morciglio Quintana (EWC Coordinator) at ewcuprm@gmail.com.
Luis de Celis Building, Office 206
Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
787-832-4040; ext's: 5722 or 6215
Coordinator: Prof. Waleska Morciglio Quintana (waleska.morciglio@upr.edu)