Área-E 3


  • Consulting in administrative, business-related subjects
  •  Business model
  • Validation for their business model
  • Marketing scenarios
  • A complete business improvement project
  • Receive follow up from our consultants for the next twelve (12) months


Área-E 4


  • Strategies to obtain and develop talent(s)
  • Modern media and strategies to update operations
  • How to obtain clients
  •  Scaling strategies
  • Company valuation
  • Strategies to obtain funding
  • Receiving consulting for the next twelve months



Benefits of Participating


Área-E 5

Free of charge


Área-E 5

Will receive business training / workshops from a wide range of Business Administration


Área-E 5

Will receive technical assistance


Área-E 5

Will receive personalized mentoring


Área-E 5

Will have the opportunity to do “networking” with other entrepreneurs and experts


Requirements to Participate


Área-E 5

People who have businesses and are looking to make them grow or expand


Área-E 5

Businesses that have been affected by Hurricanes Irma or María


Área-E 5

Companies that were born from a need or idea after the hurricanes


Área-E 5

Businesses that are owned by people with low or moderate income or that employ people within said economic line






Our Mentors and Collaborators


Área-E 14
Dra. Mari Luz Zapata


Área-E 15
Dr. David Santiago

Community Economic Development


Área-E 16
Lcdo. Jaime Sepúlveda

Law & Accounting

Área-E 17
Dra. Norma I. Gómez Echandy

Human Resources


Área-E 18
 Dra. Leila Marcano

Seed Money

Área-E 19
Yarisis López

Project Management

Área-E 20
Marién Méndez


Área-E 21
Yaelia Pacheco

Coordinator Assistant


Área-E 22
Yareethza Báez


Área-E 23
Valeria Rivera


Área-E 24
Ronny Seda

Human Resources Assistant

Área-E 25
Jaime Sepúlveda



Área-E 26
Hector Santana

Human Resources Assistant

Área-E 27
Eliudes Camps


Área-E 28
Amy Segarra

Administrative Assistant

Área-E 29
Diego Batista



Área-E 30
Dr. Marcos Ortiz


Área-E 31
Valeria Cruz

Coordinator Assistant

Área-E 32
Nicole Avilés

Project Manager Assistant

Área-E 33
Mariangely González

Co-Coordinator Assistant


Área-E 34
Vivianna Morales

Project Management

Área-E 35
Lisanyury Carreño

Technical Support

Área-E 36
Javier Maldonado




Social Exposure



How to Request Services

Please complete the following application.


Área-E 42
Área-E 43



Student Job Application

The Business Economic Development Center has multiple job openings for students from The University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez Campus that would like to be part of the Área-E project ( Incubator and Accelerator). If you have the skills and expertise in project management, accounting, marketing, coordination and management of the Moodle platform, please complete our application. 




Application details HERE. Deadline: may 8, 2022


Request For Quotations For Lecturer Services


If you are expert in areas such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Accounting, and others, and you want to help entrepreneurs, do not hesitate to complete our application.



Send the documents found in our Web Page to



Contact Information


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If you want to know more about the CBDG-DR’s FHEO policy, click here.

If you wish to send us comments, complaints, claims or problems related to Waste, Abuse, Anti-Fraud and Embezzlement, click here.



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