The Hurricane Maria Capacity Building Program provides nonprofits, municipalities, and agencies the skill set to submit electronic project proposals in support of the implementation of the Disaster and Economic Recovery Plan for Puerto Rico. These proposals look for the future consideration of investments by federal agencies participating on the economic recovery efforts, particularly the EDA.

This objective has been achievable through two main components:

  1. Capacity building workshops
  2. One-on-one technical assistance on economic development initiatives by potential EDA grantees.

These components span through twenty-four (24) months, starting August 2018 and ending August 2020. Having the first component culminating on May 2019, we are now going through the second component.

Capacity Building:

Through the Capacity Building workshops, attendees obtained grant-writing skills to comply with the eligibility criteria and electronic submission requirements, and to develop responsive proposals that address economic recovery and resilience.

Technical Assistance:

Upon request, nonprofits, municipalities and agencies participating in the program will receive individualized technical assistance to help them in formulating economic recovery projects and with the grant application process under the EDA 2018 Disaster Notice Of Funding Opportunities.

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