Incubation and Acceleration Part 2

What will you learn?

In this second part of our program, entrepreneurs will be able to delve deeper into the acceleration of their business and the establishment of administrative processes for its growth. In addition, entrepreneurs will have at their disposal excellent specialists in their respective areas who will be able to offer specialized mentoring and technical assistance.

Course Content:

Incubation and Acceleration Part 2 1

Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to Part 2 of the incubation and acceleration program. In addition, the course instructions, the use of the Moodle platform and the procedure to access the videos, presentations, tasks and other documents related to this or other topics will be reviewed. Recommendations will also be given to make the mentoring process more effective and the technical assistance component that begins at the end of this second part and lasts for around 3-6 months will be explained.

Incubation and Acceleration Part 2 2

The Role of Leaders

This module seeks to develop truly effective leaders with a high degree of emotional intelligence, which includes self-awareness, self-control, motivation, empathy, and social skills.

Incubation and Acceleration Part 2 3

Recruitment and Selection

This module will be dealing with the subject of the recruitment and selection process with the intention of providing a general idea of ​​the actions an organization takes to determine if it needs employees, how it attracts candidates for these employees and how it selects the best, or best candidates. Within these lessons, the different phases of the process will be identified and described. In the same way, various data and tools will be presented to help organizations establish their own processes.

Incubation and Acceleration Part 2 4

Practical Marketing Tools

In this module you expand on the theoretical knowledge covered in part 1 of the incubation and acceleration programme. Entrepreneurs will learn about practical tools that help create marketing strategies such as digital marketing, promotions, direct marketing, «inbound marketing», etc. Also, they will learn about a particular tool, the «business model canvas» that they can use to make a business plan.

Incubation and Acceleration Part 2 5
Incubation and Acceleration Part 2 6

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