mNET School Leaders

Recruiting mNet School Leaders

One of the main action items of any leader is to make sure that when they leave an organization their work is carried on by those that succeed them.  It is the responsibility of education professionals to seek out and help to develop those that have the characteristics of leadership.  It is vital to our profession and ultimately the children that we serve that the initiatives, efforts, and programs that we collectively create are not lost with each succeeding administrative or key teacher change.

To that end, we would like to put forth a list of leadership attributes that all educational leaders should look for when working with creative, energetic, and collaborative professionals.   The list is not exhaustive and not every potential candidate will exemplify each attribute, but prospective leaders will exhibit the majority of these characteristics.

Look for professionals who:

– are always continuing to learn

– enjoy working with new and novice teachers

– see value in working through collaborative leadership

– have a positive effect on curriculum, teaching methodology, and professional development

– want to be active members in decision-making and formulation of policy

– are recognized as creative and innovative

– are rated highly by their students

– utilize and stay abreast of changing technology

Please look for these attributes in the people you work with and approach those you believe could be successful in leadership roles.   If they are willing, please submit the information to