BioOrganometallic and BioInorganic Chemistry Research Group

Biographical Sketch


Enrique Meléndez, Ph.D.                                         Professor of Chemistry

Department Head and Director of NMR Facility                                            Education

phone: (787) 832-4040 ext. 2524                                                                          1983 B.S. Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico

fax: (787) 265-3849                                                                                             1990 Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry, University of Utah

email: enrique.melendez@upr.edu                                                                        1990-91 Post-doc Bristol-Myers Squibb

office: Q-372E

RESEARCH INTERESTS: BioInorganic/BioOrganometallic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Metal-Based Drugs, NMR Spectroscopy

My research work entails the design of metal-based drugs and organometallic biosensors. New metallocene drugs for target specific tumors are developed as tools for treating hormone dependent cancers. To achieve this, steroidal hormones (estrogen, androgen and progesterone derivatives) are attached as pendant groups to the corresponding metallocenes. The mechanistic aspects of these species are studied by spectroscopic methods such as NMR, UV-Vis, Fluorescence spectroscopy, electrochemistry and Molecular Modeling techniques. Another area of interest is the development of electrochemical biosensors based on conducting polymers and nanoparticles to detect biologically important analytes.

TEACHING INTERESTS: Inorganic and BioOrganomteallic Chemistry and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy.


2016-Present           Department Head, Department of Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico.

2009-2010               Ph.D. Program Co-coordinator, Department of Chemistry, University of   Puerto Rico.

2002 – Present       Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico.

Summer 2004        Visiting Faculty, University of Wisconsin, Department of Biochemistry.

                                        2002                         Chairperson, American Chemical Society Puerto Rico Section

                                       1997-2002               Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico.

                                       1999  Present          Director of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility, Univ. of Puerto Rico.

 Summer 1997         NIH Summer Internship, Emory University, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Atlanta, GA.

 1994-1997               Associate Professor, InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico.

                                       1991-1994               Assistant Professor, InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico.


       2008                         American Chemical Society Igaravidez Award.

       1993-96                   Outstanding Achievement in Science, Inter American University of P R.

       1991                         Productivity Award, Chemical Development Division, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

       1983                         Magna Cum Laude-B.S. Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico.

                                      1979                         Science and Math Award, University of Puerto Rico.