Core Requirements

Elective Courses

Literally all the rest of the 5000 (maximum of 3 courses) and 6000 level English courses. See the Course Offering Master Schedule to see all our active courses and when they’re offered.

Credit Hours

Students completing the Thesis Option must complete thirty credit hours of coursework in addition to the Thesis. Complete the Comprehensive Examination Option must complete thirty-six credit hours of coursework in addition to the Examination.

Faculty Research

Students enrolled in the MAEE Program may choose to work with faculty members whose diverse research interests include:

Anthrozoological Studies, Autobiography Studies, Bilingual Education, British Literatures, Caribbean Literatures, Classical Studies, Colonial and Postcolonial Theories, Communication Theories, Composition Studies and the Teaching of Writing, Creative Writing, Critical Race Theory, Cultural Studies, Disability Studies, the Early Black Atlantic, Electronic Literature and E-Poetry, Film and Media Studies, Gender Studies, Language Policy and Planning, Medieval Studies, Orientalism, Queer Theories, Second Language Acquisition, Teaching English as a Second Language, Transatlantic Studies, U. S. Literatures, Visual Literacies, and World Englishes.