This is a brief overview of the categories in which postings are classified in the English Department Blog, which may be both useful for you to sort through the materials, but is also informative in terms of the kinds of postings you can make (or send info for us to post).
Some of the categories are relatively self-explanatory, such as:

  • News
  • Announcements
  • Information
  • Invitations
  • Instructions
  • Procedures
  • and others like those.

Others merit some elaboration:

  • Chronicles – This is a place for you to post news of your accomplishments, such as presentations, performances, travel, workshops, and so on. This is not really about “bragging” about your accomplishments: it a way to inform the Department of your achievements, and will be used to generate periodical reports. Because this blog archives its postings, it can also serve as documentation later on when you are being evaluated. More importantly, it serves as a way to strengthen our community, because your colleagues, students, and other visitors to the blog become aware of your professional, creative, and personal accomplishments. It is in some ways a poor substitute for the beautifully produced and in-depth work prepared by Prof. Sonja Mongar, trading depth of coverage and finesse for immediacy, storage, and access.
  • Students – This category is designed to open a door for English Department students to find information that is of direct relevance to them, and for us to provide such information through postings. Anything you find can be of use and/or interest to our students should be posted under this category, which has two subcategories: Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students, for more focused areas of interest and/or relevance.
  • CFP – This category is to announce calls for papers, conferences, presentations, and so on. This can be of great benefit to both colleagues and graduate students, and can lead to productive collaboration, so share your knowledge of opportunities as you discover them.
  • Instructions – This category is available for any kind of instructions, but I will be using it to categorize instructions and tips for using the blog, as well as other technical areas, such as printing and other relevant topics.

Cross-listing is possible, so you may find postings classified under multiple categories. Feel free to do so yourself with your own postings (or posting requests). Other categories will be created as they become necessary, and we are always open to suggestions for ways to organize the information.