Identification and analysis of the themes, elements, and conventions of the Works of the Restoration and Neoclassical periods with attention to poets, prose writers, and dramatists such as Congreve, Wycherley, Behn, Addison & Steele, Johnson, Sheridan, Dryden, Pope, Finch, Cowper, Gray, and Thompson. Development of analytical skills and a historical perspective of the relationship between the primary texts and their historical period through the use of literary critical theory. Development of a research project is required.

  • Course Code: INGL 6479

  • Total Credits: 3

  • Course Level: Graduate Level

  • Prerequisite: N/A

  • Professor:  Professor Nickolas Haydock (Click Me)

  • Schedule: Tuesday, 6:30pm- 9:20pm

  • Semester: Spring 2019

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