The Student Council of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (CEFAC) is made up of 20 students from the 14 departments of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. It is the body that responds to the academic needs of the students, moderates the requests of the student body, and ensures compliance with the Student Rights granted by the RUM Student Regulations. In addition, the council provides information and willingness to improve the university experience of the students of the Mayagüez Campus.


Karla N. Crespo Morales is a fourth-year chemistry undergraduate student. She’s been participating within the student representation for three years as science councilor, Secretary of Finances and now, the President of the Arts and Sciences Student Council (ceFAC) and Secretary of Records of the General Student Council (CGE). Her future goal is to be a Pharmacist to serve and assist society through the healthcare system. She loves helping others and is driven to make sure the students voice is heard within the Arts and Science Faculty and the university’s campus.


Osvaldo O. Rivera Ortiz is a fourth year undergraduate Industrial Microbiology major in the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, vice president of our faculty’s student council (CEFAC-RUM), delegate of our faculty before the General Student Council (CGE-RUM), and representative of the Department of Biology. As a member and recently appointed Co-Director of Finance of the student newspaper El Colectivo Colegial, he has been able to develop his photography by interacting with fellow members and incorporating symbols that are relevant to today’s social climate.

Secretary of Records

Victoria N. Martínez Feliciano is a third year student. Currently doing a double Bachelor’s of Arts degree on Fine Arts and Art Theory, with a minor in Business Development. She’s part of the editing team for the Her Campus online magazine and a counselor student for the Arts II freshmen group. Victoria has been the student representative for the Humanities Department for two semesters and the current Secretary of Records of the ceFAC.

Executive Secretary

Lia S. Tavárez Cortés is a chemistry undergraduate student on her fourth year. This is her second year as science counselor and her first as Executive Secretary of the ceFAC. Lia aspires to become an environmental lawyer in the future. Learning new languages, trying new things and finding inspiration in the small details are some of her passions.

Secretary of Finances

José A. Camacho Domenech majors in Industrial Microbiology and is the current Secretary of Finances to the Arts and Sciences Student Council. He loves playing the guitar and cuatro, also a huge sports fan and enjoys reading. In the future, his goal is to help cure chronic diseases through scientific research and later become a professor and shape the next generation of scientists and doctors. As for now, José wants to help and be of service to the scientific and student community at UPRM.

Sub-Secretary of Records

Marianny Alvarado González is a Biology undergraduate student transferring to Industrial Microbiology who wishes to continue her studies in a Bioinformatics MS/PhD. After been elected as one of the nine Science student councilors and later Sub-secretary of Records, Marianny assists the Secretary of Records during the ceFAC reunions and other tasks.