Dr. Leonardo Flores and Dra. Catherine Mazak.

Dr. Leonardo Flores and Dr. Catherine Mazak have recently been awarded grants that will assist them in their respective projects.

Dr. Flores’ Grant:

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded a grant to the Electronic Literature Organization (ELO)’s project, Coping with Bits, which Dr. Flores is a Co-PI in. This project has the task of creating a repository for the long term preservation of electronic literature. The purpose of this is to build a “comprehensive online portal for electronic literature works.”

For more information about this project and Dr. Flores’ work, you can visit the Coping with Bits website at https://copingwithbits.org/.

Dr. Mazak’s Grant:

Dr. Mazak’s grant, awarded by the National Science Foundation, will help fund the CeIBA Research Center. CeIBA is a center for research on bilingualism and learning. The grant explores bilingual STEM teaching and learning in K-5 classrooms. As director of the CeIBA Research Center, Dr. Mazak will be facilitating the bilingual teacher training for STEM educators at a local school.

For more information about the CeIBA research center, you can visit their website at http://ceiba.uprm.edu/index.htm.

Congratulations to Dr. Flores and Dr. Mazak on their new grants!