• Rank: Professor
  • Education: MA Intern American University of Puerto Rico, San Germán 1986
  • Research Areas: Literacy; L2 Literacy; Integration of Computers in Teaching; Media Literacies; Composition and Identity
  • Office: CH-110B
  • Email:

Professor Raymond Knight began working in the UPRM English Department in 1993. He was born and raised in a small scientific community in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He finished all Doctoral level coursework and reached ABD status in an Ed.D. in TESL at the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras. He has a MA in TESL from IAU in San German, Puerto Rico and a BA in English Literature from University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He frequently teaches a Composition and Reading I & II (INGL3201 & 3202) and Technical Writing (INGL 3236) classes. His teaching areas include Writing Instructions, ESL, Multiple Literacies, Building Reading Fluency, Integration of Computer and Internet Technology in ESL Teaching, Collaborative Writing Environments. His research areas include Literacy; L2 Literacy; Media Literacies; Composition and Identity; Multiple Literacies, and Language Learning through Games. As part of his current project, he continues to search for stable online collaborative writing environments that are both free and simple to use for documenting the process of collaborative writing for his classes.