We all can agree this semester has been hectic at best. However, a group of students has been working hard for the entire year in developing their journalistic and writing abilities to bring back the English Department blog. The team was first assembled during the Fall Semester of 2019 and worked on their first articles during the second semester. Here is the writing and editorial team of the Department blog! 

Alondra M. Soto Ramos

Soto Ramos is originally from Lares, and is an English major, with a minor in Music. She is part of the Writing and Communication Collective, but has also worked with the RagingReads Blog, and ITDP worship band. Ramos considers her biggest achievements in life to be doing book reviews, volunteering for families in need (ITDP church), and being a member at Writing & Communications Collective (WCC) as a writer. However, she aspires to bag an internship in Bloomsbury Publishing, become a good writer, get published, and perform live music. Ramos is currently a writer of the English Department Blog

Sarah L. Lema Solís

Lema Solís, born and bred in Mayagüez, is majoring in Linguistics and minoring in Italian. During her time at Colegio, she has been part of The Foreign Languages Association and the Writing and Communication Collective. Lema Solís has also worked along with Sarmientos P.R. where she currently is a Mezzo Soprano singer. She considers her biggest achievements to be singing alongside “El Coro de Conciertos” of the Escuela Libre de Música, Ernesto Ramos Antonini de Mayagüez, and working at MUSA for two years. Lema dreams about becoming a translator and communicator, as well as getting involved with music as a backup singer or solo artist. Lema Solís is currently a writer and editor of the English Department Blog. 

Cristina M. Rivera García

Rivera García is an English major who is also completing the Film Certificate. The Añasco native has been in the Writing & Communication Collective and was involved in Vota Colegial 2020 as secretary. Rivera García also worked as an English tutor at the English Writing Center in UPRM. Her biggest achievements include: producing a sci-fi short film which was presented in the 2019 Lusca Film Fest Mayawest Challenge, volunteering in Operation Blessing (relief for Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas), and interning as a student-tutor at Penn State University. She aspires to work in writing and communication, translation, or film. Rivera García is currently a writer of the English Department Blog. 

Dyanette L. Rivera Cordero

Rivera Cordero, born and bred in Añasco, is an English major undergraduate, with a concentration in Linguistics. She has been part of Drama Students in Education Association (AEDE), and the Writing & Communication Collective (WCC). Outside of the academic sphere, Rivera Cordero is part of the Mu Alpha Phi Sorority. One of her greatest achievements is being part of The Puerto Rican Parade with her dance group in 2015. She aspires to work for different types of media programs. Rivera Cordero is currently a writer and editor of the English Department Blog. 

Alondra N. Cabán Soto

Cabán Soto is an English major in the Literature track, and is also doing a minor in Writing & Communication. Currently living in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, she recalls her biggest achievements as volunteering at Schoenstatt Magnificat in Hatillo and being able to participate in various plays around the Island. Amongst the UPRM student organizations, Cabán Soto has been part of the English Department Student Association (EDSA) and the Writing & Communication Collective (WCC). Outside of campus life she has worked in data entry at ED Group and also been involved in recreational swimming. Her life goals include being able to work in editing at the New York Times, publish her own poetry, and to teach. Cabán Soto is currently a writer and editor of the English Department Blog. 

Dalitzia V. Márquez Cruz

Márquez Cruz comes from San Sebastián and is currently majoring in English (Literature) with minors in Writing & Communication, and Marketing. She has been part of several university associations, such as Campus Verde UPRM, Writing & Communication Collective (WCC), and the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS). Within Campus Verde UPRM, Márquez Cruz has been the Secretary and has also worked in the Public Relations for the association. Additionally, she has  worked at the Registrar’s Office. She was able to participate in the Disney College Program in Spring of 2019, which she considers to be her biggest achievement. She aspires to work in either the editorial and publishing industry or in Media Management. Márquez Cruz is currently a writer and editor of the English Department Blog. 

Elannah Swarnes Matos

Swarnes Matos is studying English (Literature) at UPRM, where she is part of the Writing & Communication Collective (WCC). Among her biggest achievements, Swarnes details: “surviving an American public high school, and finally figuring out her writing style.” Additionally, Swarnes Matos wrote, directed, and played a minor role in an anti-bullying PSA that won first place in a school contest when she was in middle school. Swarnes aspires to become “an English professor that wears very cool socks,” and being able to publish short stories and novels. Swarnes Matos is currently a writer and an editor of the English Department Blog. 

Lauce Colón Pérez

Another member of the team, Colón Pérez, is majoring in Applied Linguistics in English with a minor in Writing & Communication. Colón Pérez, an Arecibo native, has been part of RUM Linguists and The Writing & Communication Collective (WCC). Additionally, he is president and cofounder of the WCC, journalist for El CoCo Newspaper, and a tutor at the English Writing Center. Colón Pérez mentions his biggest achievements are being accepted to Colegio, all the leadership opportunities he has gathered by working as officer in teams, founding the WCC alongside awesome classmates and being part of the last class of the Digital Humanities Internship. He aspires to finish his bachelor’s degree and pursue graduate studies in Mass Communication in order to work as a journalist, publicist and public relations specialist within political communication. Furthermore, he  aspires to teach high school English for some time and then become a college professor in mass communication. Colón Pérez is currently a writer for the English Department Blog. 

Isabel Padilla Carlo

Padilla Carlo, from Cabo Rojo, is an English Literature undergraduate at UPRM. Always keeping busy outside of the college campus, she is a Company Dancer at Ballet Escenario, Copy Editor for Sábanas Bilingual Literary Magazine, and Part-time Content Creator at BePublic. Padilla Carlo describes her biggest achievements as: being a script writer for “Contratiempo” by Wiken Films, a short film which was featured at El Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. Another achievement of hers was being an Intern of The Chicanx/Latinx Student Success Center at San José State University, and being an Event Planner for the Writers and Poets Coalition at San Jose State University. Padilla Carlo aspires to pursue Graduate studies to become a professor or an editor. Padilla Carlo is the current Website Developer for the English Department Website. 

Andrea M. Méndez Igartua

Méndez Igartua is a Psychology major with a minor in Writing & Communication. A Guaynabo native, she is part of The Writing & Communication Collective (WWC) and the Exchange Student Support Association (ESSA). Méndez Igartua aspires to be able to publish a book and to pursue a job in writing. Méndez Igartua is  currently a writer of the English Department Blog. 

Diego Ignacio Morales Medina

Morales Medina, born and bred in Lajas—specifically, La Parguera—currently studies English (Literature) with a minor in Writing & Communications. In terms of student associations, he has been part of Cinemathéque, Biology Students Association (AEB), and the Writing & Communication Collective (WCC). Outside of the academic sphere, Morales Medina has been the Volunteer Manager for the Annual Rincón International Film Festival, and regularly delves in Woodworking. Amongst his achievements, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from UPRM, and can boast having “above average home repair skills.” He aspires to write bits and dialogue for major films, perhaps set up a coffee shop or a pub in New York, “be known as That Guy,” and revolutionize at least one thing. Morales Medina is currently a writer for the English Department Blog. 

Gabrielle M. Armstrong Velázquez

Armstrong Velázquez is an English graduate student who recently finished her bachelor in English (Literature) with a minor in Comparative Literature and was also part of the Teacher Preparation Program of the University. A San Germán native, she has been part of Her Campus UPRM, Future Teachers Association (AFM), the Digital Humanities Internship, the Writing & Communications Collective, and the UPRM Dance Team. Apart from her academic achievements, she has been part of Mayawest Dance Project, Western Ballet Theatre, Vox Populi, Mu Alpha Phi sorority, and the Alianza Artística Revolucionaria. Across the years, Armstrong considers her greatest achievements to be getting published in Sábanas, El Vicio del Tintero, Latino Book Review, as well as working as a professor’s research assistant, dancing all over the island, and publishing her own book. She is set to begin her journey in the Masters of Arts of a English Education at UPRM, and then continue to train in dance for two years—hopefully in Martha Graham at NYC. Armstrong is the current Editor-in-chief of the English Department blog.