TNVDE second semester Kick-off

As the semester begins and everyone is ready to take on the upcoming challenges, TNVDE also joins the race. This semester three different courses have come together to continue the projects that were developed in INME5015: Design Thinking and MERC4217: Consumer behavior, lead by Dr. José E. Lugo and Dr. Mari L. Zapata respectively. Now, INME4057: Engineering Design (Capstone), INME4065: Product Design and ADMI3125: Technology-based Entrepreneurship lead by Dr. José E. Lugo and Dr. José Vega, will be working together to complete these projects. Almost 50 students from different disciplines have come together with this goal in mind. During this first class meeting, the students introduced themselves and also got to know a bit more about the ongoing projects. We also heard from Prof. Mari L. Zapata about how the previous Consumer Behavior course aided these innovative projects. Furthermore, Prof. José Vega and Prof. José E. Lugo introduced themselves and spoke about the expectations, requirements, and direction the course will have throughout this semester. Although there are new faces this time around, the already established projects know exactly what they need in order to move forward and from what we have seen on this first day of class, there is more than enough talent to go around.


Source: NVDE Jose Luego Blog Posts