TNVDE: second semester groups

Day two:

Now that everyone is formally enrolled in the course, it is time to move forward. As a means of creating and establishing the groups in the course 3 and a half minute Rocket Pitches have been called.

The first participant is Azuri cosmetics, a company created by two Professors from our own UPRM. Prof. Madeline Torres and Prof. Eduardo Juan are from Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering respectively. They have two products currently in the market focused on providing quality cosmetics at a low cost. Currently looking for students to join their team, they hope to overcome their current optimization and development challenges to further develop their company.

After Azuri’s presentation it is Dr. Jose Vega’s turn to talk about the Deaf Community. He intends to motivate student to develop projects focused around the Deaf Community and establishing an enterprise that fosters opportunities for everyone.

Then, Prof. Jose Lugo talks about developing project focused around Recycling. Considering that PR is an island in which trash and waste is rampant and not fully controlled, he exposed many areas of opportunity that could be of interest for the students that are still undecided; a call to transform waste into life has been made.

As per the example of those before him student Carlos Rivera that has been developing a project he has called TURN. His idea is centered on the long arduous hours of waiting time in medical offices and such. Since this project has been developing for quite some time, the product model includes a combination of applications, services and goods. Engaging both the customer and medical service providers this project team hopes to improve the experience of the customer throughout their product.

Lead by student William Morales Sabor Expreso has presented an idea centered on food delivery. The project idea is to bring restaurant or food truck food to any participating consumer by personal delivery. In a short description, its GrubHub meets Uber with a twist. They are currently looking for students with strong backgrounds in programming to develop their project and hopefully become a business.

An unexpected participant, Alejandro Carlo, presents his idea called Safety First. Considering the amount of problems, accidents and event deaths caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, this team has presented a project focused on reducing the terrible statistics that are related to DUI’s. Throughout the use of an app, they hope to alert their users about their elevated alcohol consumption as well as a means to transport them in the case of intoxication.

After each participant gave their 3:30min Rocket Pitch it was time to put each project to a vote in order to choose the three projects that will be developed throughout this semester. After the voting process, the selected projects that will be developed throughout this semester were determined to be: Turn, Safety First and the last project will be focused on Recycling.

Considering that the other projects have a full semester ahead of them these three new projects have a great challenge ahead and their work cut out for them. A lot of hard work, effort and dedication will be the drive that transforms these new ideas into new realities.

Source: NVDE Jose Luego Blog Posts