Summit on Global Sustainability in Engineering Education


So what is sustainability? The simple definition that I like is: sustainability is the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely. Sustainability has three main pillars: social, economic, and environmental. This last one is the more commonly addressed by society in general. However, our own actions have an impact as big as, if not more, than the MPG of the car we drive.

What was the Summit on Global Sustainability in Engineering Education? This was a meeting at James Madison University that brought together experts in sustainability and engineering education from the Americas. The Summit balanced presentations, panels, and working activities.  The organizers guided the participants through the How we are including sustainability in engineering education, What is Sustainability, and Where Sustainability education is going?

Hackathon for sustainability engineering education: during the Summit participants had time to work and hack their institutions, planning engaging learning activities to promote sustainability engineering.  We were the first users of the engaging learning template, which I found very helpful. My project aims to develop a global series of Global Pop-up classes on sustainability. If interested, please email me!

Source: Design + Engineering Blog