UPRM Alumni and PanaWest Creator, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, educates NVDE Students on Crowdfunding

Juan Carlos Rodriguez, UPRM Alumni and Founder of PanaWest, spoke to NVDE students about his crowdfunding experience on March 1st, 2017. Juan Carlos is a crowdfunding veteran. He has done two crowdfunding campaigns, first in KickStarter, then in AntRocket.

He explained the steps he took in the before, during, and after process of the crowdfunding campaign. He shared many stories related to his crowdfunding experiences.

Students were very curious and asked question after question, as they have a midterm project to design the marketing plan for a crowdfunding campaign and to actually create the video of a crowdfunding campaign.

He shared tips on:

-how to make a great video.

-how to distribute time efficiently.

-the length of a campaign.

-how to effectively use social media.

-how to choose a crowdfunding platform and their differences.

-and many others.

See Wonderer’s Food Video here

This was a good experience for the students as they got to see how another “Colegial” was able to successfully conduct a Crowdfunding campaign for his own start-up. They could relate well to Juan Carlos in terms of age and goals, which was very helpful.

Source: NVDE Jose Luego Blog Posts