Donations are the most effective way to help our community achieve its goals. Thanks to the tremendous effort by students, faculty, and administrative staff,  our network has launched key initiatives and co-working spaces that are impacting hundreds of future entrepreneurs every year. These programs require funding for student travel expenses, equipment, prototyping, and advanced training.

Donations to date:$1235.82
2017 Goal:$100,000

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E-Ship Store

Our online store features a great product selection to showcase your support to your Alma Mater and our community. Every month we add new items ranging from artistic portraits to drinkware and apparel.

Our Network In Action

Already the UPRM E-ship Network has achieved never-before seen change in a short amount of time. In order to continue supporting initiatives, we need a group of proud Alumni to rise to the challenge and financially support this endeavor. For this reasons, the Association and Foundation Alumni Colegial (a 501 c3 organization) invites you to join the efforts of the UPRM E-ship Network and become an official Alumni Sponsor.

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Starting Point

In 2016 the E-Ship Network created Starting Point, the first ideation hub and makerspace at UPRM operated by students.

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Your contribution will impact more students eager to create business opportunities, provide staff and personnel to mentor e-teams and startups, and the necessary momentum to transform UPRM in the epicenter of innovation and entrepreneurship in Puerto Rico.

Make a yearly donation of $100 to the UPRM E-ship Network.

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Engaging Student Organizations

Student organizations, such as Idea Platform, Enactus and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), are incorporating and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in their respective agendas.




The New Venture Design Experience (NVDE)

Our flagship project is the NVDE, a collaborative effort between engineering and business administration schools, where multidisciplinary teams work together in addressing a design challenge throughout an academic year. Students engage in market research, identify opportunity areas (consumer problems) and propose ideas (solutions) to develop into working prototypes. In the process, teams transform into e-teams with the exposure to entrepreneurship modules.

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Faculty Training

Thanks to programs such as Pathways to Innovation, more faculty members from different disciplines are joining the movement. A series of initiatives have been developed to train entrepreneurship concepts to faculty members and to help them implement this knowledge into courses using active and experiential learning.




UPRM Startup Lab

In 2016, the UPRM E-ship Network inaugurated UPRM Startup Lab, the first incubator of UPRM student startups at ViTEC in partnership with Puerto Rico Technoeconomic Corridor (PRTC).

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Puerto Rico Technoeconomic Corridor (PRTC)


Be Part of the Revolution!

We have a strong track-record of entrepreneurial achievement in a short amount of time. Your contribution will support these initiatives and many more to help expand our ecosystem. All your donations and expenses will be listed in our Full Report.

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For additional information please contact:

Ubaldo M. Córdova-Figueroa
UPRM Pathways to Innovation

Yamileth Valentín
Association and Foundation Alumni Colegial

Ricardo J. Rodriguez
ICOM 2009 Alumni