Fellowship of External Doers

The UPRM E-Ship Network has its own “advisory board” composed of external doers looking to help develop our innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem into the largest and strongest nationwide. Meet and contact our FEDs.

Ricardo J. Rodriguez

Ricardo J. Rodriguez

Entrepreneur & FED

In 2012 I co-founded an education technology company with $1M in funding. I am currently based out of NYC and work in the Financial Tech industry. I am a member of the Fellowship of External doers and spend my spare time developing the University of Puerto Rico NYC alumni network.

Carlos Acosta

Carlos Acosta

Mentor-in-residence at Parallel18

Entrepreneur from Hormigueros, Puerto Rico with a passion for technology and chocolate. Possesses an massive experience in digital marketing, investors management, product/market fit, early stage esxperimentation, and others. Just asking him something about it!

Nathaniel Velez

Nathaniel Velez

Cofundador Skiffer.net/Software Engineer @ Kelsus inc

Has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the UPRM and a Master’s in architecture from the Institute of Advance Architecture in Barcelona. Co-founder of Skiffer.net, an online platform   used for managing schools by a numerous amount of privates academic institutions in Puerto Rico. Was also an engineer for TeamSnap.com and Kelsus Inc. (who gives services to companies such as Amazon and Walmart). Colaborates with the EShip Network since 2016 by helping organize the W2-Socials.

Other Active FEDs

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