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23 de Octubre de 2012 Eventos en tu universidad

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Charla: Polyimide-based Aerogels for Microwave and Millimeter-wave Antennas.
23/ Octubre/ 2012 10:00 am - 12:00 am
Profesor Rafael Rodriguez Solis PhD, estara ofreciendo a la comunidad universitaria a enterarse de trabajos que realizó este pasado verano con NASA usando Antenas basadas con Polyimide-based Aerogels. Aqui esta el Abstract del resarch proyect. La charla sera auspiciada por URPM IEEE EMC en el salon S-227 Hora Universal.

Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Antennas Using Polyimide-based Aerogels Abstract:

Polyimide-based aerogels have been extensively studied for their thermal insulation properties, but there are barely any efforts to exploit their low dielectric constant and loss, as well as their mechanical properties, in microwave and millimeter-wave antenna applications. Here, we report on the characterization of the electrical properties for different aerogel formulations at low frequency (1 MHz-1.2 GHz), X-band (9.88-12.2 GHz), and Ka-band (30-40 GHz). In addition, we report on the design, simulation, fabrication and testing of several microstrip patch antennas on aerogel substrates, the design and simulation of aerogel filled waveguides and substrate integrated waveguides, and the design and simulation of slotted waveguide arrays on rectangular waveguides. Dielectric constants as low as 1.16, with loss tangents in the order of 0.001 were obtained for frequencies up to Ka-band. Different feeding approaches for microstrip patches on aerogel substrates were examined, obtaining up to 40% bandwidth at 5 GHz, with gains in the order of 7.5 dBi. Aerogel was also considered to serve as a filling for millimeter-wave waveguides. While these waveguides present a slightly higher loss than hollow waveguides, they have less losses Duroid substrate integrated waveguides (less than 0.15 dB at Ka-band, in a 20 mm section), and exhibit an order of magnitude of mass reduction when compared to commercial waveguides. As part of this evaluation, a Ka-band slotted waveguide array was designed, which provided the same gain (9.3 dBi) as its standard waveguide counterpart.

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