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07 de Marzo de 2013 Eventos en tu universidad

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Taller: Introduction to Grantsmanship and Research Compliance
07/ Marzo/ 2013 10:30 am - 12:30 am

Dia: Jueves, 7 de marzo 2013
Hora: 1030-12
Lugar: Celis 202
Recurso: Marisol Vera

This presentation is intended for investigators who want to learn about the importance of developing good grantsmanship skills for their academic careers, need information about institutional proposal development services available through the UPRM R&D Center, and are concerned about the institutional, local, and federal regulations associated with research.

(Presentation in English or Spanish depending upon the audience)

Research Academy Workshop / Taller Academia de Investigación

Para matricularse ir a: http://cep.uprm.edu/registro_talleres.html
To register go to: http://www.uprm.edu/cep/workshop_registration.html